who The Biggest Employer in the World

The ultimate meaning is that people will have a lot more time and a lot less money and some people think that the solution is UBI – Universal Basic Income. Finland has even conducted an experiment in which 2,000 citizens received a basic “salary” from the state.

“The Biggest Employer in the World” – Facebook will pay users

Facebook’s GlobalWin can be an acceptable solution when our social networking activity is translated into the salary we receive. Like sites that already reward users for writing quality paid content, such as the appealing alpha site that rewards the influential writers or YouTube that rewards by number of views, Facebook may reward users by paying for any sharing or response to the content they upload and share.

As a result, Facebook will encourage users to spend more time on the site, write more quality content, and provide them with money to purchase directly from advertisers. If we put Hollywood fears inspired by the series “Black Mirror” momentarily on the side, we can see some of the positive aspects of Global Kevin. The money will hardly lose value as a result of inflation. Governments will not be forced to play with interest rates, the power of the state will weaken, and so will the power of banks and credit companies.

Draghi: “The ECB is ready to make changes in monetary policy” In the background of weakness in macroeconomic data, the ECB claims that the low interest rate in the market is expected to remain at least until mid-2020. At the same time, the Bank cuts its growth forecast for the coming years. Loan program discounted to banks at the focus

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