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Chip stocks are leading the gains in the Asian marketsDeclines in Seoul; In Tokyo, China and Australia • Investors are waiting for hints from central banks in Europe and Australia • Samsung has announced that it will launch the Galaxy Fold in September • New York trading closed yesterday at highsAsian trade is trading on the gains in most exchanges. Surges are recorded in the Samsung Electronics share. The company announced today that its Galaxy Fold device will be launched in September after a delay caused by reports that the device was easily broken. The company will report its earnings on July 31.rading in Asian stock exchanges was mixed Thursday, with declines in the Kospi index in South Korea and rises in Tokyo21,774.73 + 0.30%) In Shanghai2,933.1452 + 0.34% In Hong Kong28,612.47 + 0.31%)nd in Australia. Jumps are registered in the semiconductor sector in Tokyo and Seoul. Yesterday, trading on Wall Street closed at record levelsSoftbank stoc(5,604 + 1.80% Attracting the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Investors are waiting for signals from the meeting of the bank’s heads in European centers today, which is expected to lower the interest rate.In Australia, investors are focusing on what Australia’s Reserve Bank chief Philip Lau will hold today and look for clues about the central bank’s future moves there.In Korea, LG Chem shares plunge by more than 4.5%, but chip maker SK Hynix is ​​up 2% on the other hand after the company announced a cut in chip production.Before the start of trading, the company published reports. The plunge in memory chip prices led to a 89% drop in operating profit compared to the corresponding period last year, to 638 Korean won ($ 541.9 million), and missed analysts’ forecasts.Israeli shares jumped 8% on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and 12% on Wall Street today, without any announcement from the company, and ahead of the publication of the financial statements next week. Against the backdrop of sharp rises in shares, Texas Instrument(129 + 7.44%)Which operates in the same target markets, published reports yesterday and beat forecasts. Texas Instruments is now up 7% on Wall Street after overtaking early market forecasts. The company posted a profit of $ 1.31 billion, or $ 1.36 per share, in the second quarter, compared to $ 1.41 billion, or $ 1.4 per share, in the same quarter last year. However, this is

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