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“The second type is tools that are designed to make life easier for the founders, and these tools are free and open to everyone, and they are designed to streamline the work of the founder with investors.” To date, NFX has developed two tools called Signal, a kind of social network designed to help founders find and connect to the right investors by matching features such as domain and stage. A second tool called The Company Brief is designed to help entrepreneurs contact investors with a structured summary and follow each step of their communication including receiving, downloading and opening the abstract.



“These things give us a technological infrastructure that we believe will eventually give us a huge competitive advantage, and we already see that our internal tools are already making us more efficient than we were in the past, and secondly we see that the tools we have produced for entrepreneurs are already improving the industry, In addition, we receive statistical information, not specific information, but we understand this trend, for example, and we believe that with time, the better the tools are, the better they will be. ”


What do you really know about work injuries and the exhaustion of medical rights?

According to Levy, behind the extraordinary management of the fund stands a world view of the founders regarding the changes they identify in the entrepreneurial culture in Silicon Valley. “In recent years, as we complain about the culture of exit, in the valley there is a sense that the culture of money has climbed above the urge to change the world,” he says. Instead of measuring what you brought into the world and what you produced and how it affected people’s lives, you are measured by how much money it’s worth right now – because money is a quantifiable measure. After JuneCorn and who is not causing the pursuit of high-value transactions just to reach this billion, and it comes at the expense of the drive of founders and investors to create. ”


“We are not an impact fund, but an ordinary fund in every respect, and our investors are looking at refunds, and so are we, but on the way we want to look at how many people use the product and what effect it has on their lives. People’s lives – the money will come. ”

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