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comments on our Facebook page. New Nissan Leaf in Israel: 270 kilometers electric

The Nissan importer for Israel announces the start of marketing the new generation of Leaf. With a capacity of 150 hp, with a declared range of 270 km. The price of savings? NIS 165,000 Despite being one of the best-selling electric cars in the world, with more than 300,000 units, for us in Israel, the Lief did not achieve extraordinary success. Several dozen outgoing units have been sold here in Israel, but in its second round, the Leaf comes in a different place, not much but different. Today, dozens of charging stations are already operating at these speeds, and more and more companies are offering the installation of a home charging stand, which should make the use of an electric car more useful every day. The current generation of Nissan Leaf is not really new anymore, it was introduced about two years ago and was due to arrive in Israel last year.

With a general length of 449 cm, a width of 179 cm and a height of 154 cm the leaf is placed in the compact family group, even in the aspect of the 270 cm wheelbase is more or less in the “standard” of the group, these Dimensions similar to Kia Nero for comparison. Thanks to the design and placement of the batteries at the bottom of the car, the trunk is not damaged and displays a volume of 400 liters. Of course, the electric motor is responsible for the electric motor with a power equivalent to 150 hp and a torque of 32.6 kg. Its 40 kWh lithium-ion battery (8-year warranty) provides it with a declared range of 270 km. Performance is 100 kph in 7.9 seconds and a maximum speed of 144 kph.

At the end of it all, when you come to recharge it, you can do it in 7.5 hours of home charging and 40 minutes for 80 percent fast charging.

One of the interesting innovations that Nissan has embedded in the current leaf is the E-Pedal. In this driving mode, the car can only be operated by using the throttle pedal, as the relaxation from it causes the car to slow down and its departure stops the car. Its use also takes advantage of the slowdown of the car to recharge its batteries and improve its energy management. does it work? From our impression of her senior leadership, it seems. Yasan Leaf comes in the ACENTA TECH finish, which includes an 8-inch multimedia system, Apple and Android connectivity, smart key, climate control, LED lighting, 17-inch rims and more. The safety system includes distance retention warning, 360 degree cameras, adaptive cruise control, “dead area” vehicle warning, automatic braking, reverse traffic warning and reverse deviation.

The price of the leaf is also not low in this generation, and at NIS 165,000, it will appeal mainly to those who are happy to adopt innovative technology and have the appropriate infrastructure for charging. The main and direct competitor to Nissan Leaf in Israel today is the Hyundai Ionic Electric, cheaper at NIS 5,000 and weaker at 120 hp, but the stated travel range is similar at 280 km. The new Corvette is a monster and on its way to Israel

The eighth generation Chevrolet Corvette takes this car where no Corvette has ever been. The technology, performance, design and especially the engine that goes into the center after decades. At the UMI importer they say “we want to see it here” every time Chevrolet releases another chip, every leak, with every spy photo or trial of General Motors executives wrapped up a lot of sites on information crumbs and built barbed-wire wires. At the Corvette enthusiasts around the world, the camps were divided into keystroke arguments about the next dynasty creation.

Does she still feature a Corvette? Will it be manufactured in place or alongside a “regular” corvette? Is it the first step in creating a brand new, separate and distinct brand within GM that will bring with it a whole range of sports cars, ranging from a small, family-sized, classic Corvette, a central-powered Corvette and even a crossover – all bearing the name of the all-American sports car.

Then the new Corvette was unveiled and … No answer was given. The new Corvette is exactly what they expected it to be – a powerful, lightweight sports car with a central engine. But with its official reveal, the small and big details about the eighth generation of the glorious dynasty are also revealed. Being an answer to European sports cars, she knew for years of slow climbing and improvement.

The early generations gained iconic status, but until the mid-2000s when the C6 was introduced this car was a long way from producing even a shadow of opposition to European sports cars. Her road behavior, with a rear suspension in transverse leaf configuration, was far from being good or challenging even the mediocrity of her competition, with the exception of very special versions. But reality and competition, this car has become an icon.

In her last generation, which is now being replaced, she has not only been an excellent sports car, she has already beaten the best in sports cars and the price that made her a deal that is hard to say no to, and customers did not say no and bought her at a rate and quantities that her GM days are difficult to catch up to.

So in honor of the new generation and the revolution it brings, here are 10 things you must know about the Corvette C8On the track with Porsche

Porsche invited us for a run day on all models. So we wore the race suit and of all the cars we chose the family-luxury Panamara with the green awareness but with the performance of a car on and also in the station version there are days when you think yourself “it would be better to stay in bed”. Days when things don’t work out as planned. Some who start with a shumella shake of the coffee on the ironing shirt, the discovery of a puncher’s wheel when you’re late for a meeting, or days when the kids came back earlier than expected from the summer camp, or worse declared they didn’t want to go to it … Well, this day wasn’t one of those days .

It was a track day with Porsche all Porsche models. It’s a day when you shake yourself early enough to leap to the top of the column before all the herd arrives. Listens while sitting on spikes for the driving briefing on the track, and secretly escapes from the door to find yourself first in a helmet and behind the wheel of … Cayenne. wait, what?

Well then, this isn’t exactly the pure track car the brand has to offer, but that’s what happens when unnecessary chatter with one of the roads left me with the last remaining driverless vehicle. A few turns in Cayenne, McCann and 718, and I found myself in one of the cars I wanted to taste for a long time: Panamara e Hybrid. I know there are some of you who will raise an eyebrow, filtering: “The Porsche + Porsche and you drive a kind of family? And another hybrid? Are you crazy? ! ” But yes, what to do, my heart is wide enough to find space for a large and powerful family-sports-salon in this style, and still leave enough space to accommodate pure sports cars, park some American and Australian vans, and maybe some bus or two. complicated. Does not matter.

Sitting in Panamara e Hybrid first requires some data and numbers to make order. It has two turbochargers, a 2.9-liter V6 engine that generates 330 hp and a charged-electric electric motor that produces 136 hp. When they combine forces, 462 hp are lowered for all wheels through an 8-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox. These are enough to cross the 100 mph in 4.6 seconds and continue to fly 2.2 tonnes of iron and electricity up to 278 mph. It’s really fast and really impressive, almost like the fact that on the other side of the energy spectrum, it can also cover 35 miles on electricity alone and achieve better fuel economy than the Toyota Prius. This is, of course, an official figure that, like all plugins, is slightly distorted because the standard test does not take into account the amount of electricity consumed, but only the amount of gasoline. But who cares about fuel consumption at all when you’re on a track and pedaling like a psychic. Her face haunts the ‘Grobnik’ route in northern Croatia, and I find it difficult to connect to this braking system. It has an artificial feel that results from too soft a move and is not progressive to click. This can be particularly annoying when driving in a traffic jam where gentle pressing does not provide the braking force, and later on stopping, the stopping feeling is too strong. This is a familiar feeling from other energy storage systems, and here on the track it feels like the brakes are coming to an end and need replacing. They still absorb the mass well, but do not exhibit the same overall

quality of my Panmara that delights all over her face. It is not that the weight of this cruise is not noticeable, as it is dimmed within 5 meters between the fenders. She has no problem squeezing into every face tightening, breaking out as the radius opens, and continuing to push hard and at a dizzying pace. The big steering wheel is not too big, and quickly puts the long nose into the corner. Helped by the spiral tire that pulls nails to grip the hot asphalt. I’ve already driven such big, powerful cars with similar performance both on road and on track and it’s a feeling I just love, and relish it every time. After a couple of laps behind the Panamara e Hybrid steering wheel, I sat down on the Panamara Sport Torismo – a station version for this luxury family. It was not just another version, but the GTS – an intermediate version slightly less heavy and slightly more powerful for those who like to drive sporty. This means that despite its slightly heavier configuration, it still weighs about 150kg compared to the Panmara e Hybrid. A more powerful gasoline engine. Instead of a “humble” V6 engine and electric helper, the V8 has a 4.0-liter bully with a dense 550 horse stable that can launch the next “Genesis” not to the moon but to Mars. This machine upgrades the asphalt, draws everything that comes close to it, and develops a rhythm in a way that diverges sharply. If you ask yourself why do you need such a family rhythm in a station configuration? So think about it. summer vacation. You with the kids in the back seat on the way to the sea to escape the heat. It is clear to you that the car park is filling up quickly. Such performance will ensure that you catch the first parking space you vacate. Well come on, you don’t really sit there for fear that someone will scratch your 1,300,000 or 1,500,000 shekels. But if you wish you could.

Panamara Sport Torismo GTS, is not significantly different from the rest of the series. It has the same living space which is both large and well made. Slightly more comfortable entrance to the back seat, a little more room for the head in the back, and the same gathering of pampering and entertaining around the hospitality space on the Alcantara Purity. It also has the same effective range of driving aids, grip and safety and without the same regenerative braking system. It offers the same luxurious atmosphere meticulously packaged. And not to be accused of overconsumption of eco-consciousness, she has been adorned with some of the indications of the purity of her intentions, such as overgrown giants and phosphorescences of phosphorescent green, not to mention radioactive. A few turns on the path to elation, and I made my way to one of the Porsche customs that illustrated how this Panamara also travels in continuous drift. I chose to sit in the back, as is supposed to travel, the man who bought such a royal carriage over NIS 1 million. And also because it enhances the “super-side” experience. How many more times will I be able to see the road ahead as I look through the side window of a car. The well-trained Porsche driver threw this overgrown car in front of her with a smile, explaining why he enjoyed the station wagon so much. Our GTS closed the Porsche model caravan flying on the runway in a virtuosic fashion with skilled drivers. This allowed my driver to slow down with the rest of the caravan and further smear the drift until in some of the nearly tight turns we re-met the tire smoke we had just produced. And if you ask yourself, “Who needs his super station to drift around a town square?

” Come on, whoever wants to throw his kids in school the right way. “Throw” in the most physical sense of the word, just open doors while drifting, roll them out, then escape as fast as possible so they don’t sneak back into the car as you drive to the track This is just a super-sports-car. Within the revival of the American luxury brand Cadillac, the XT4 is the first swallow for a new wave of models. What to expect? How much headache will it do for competitors? His thousand dollars once in awhile comes this period in the life of a brand where he has to ask himself who I am, what I am, who my client is, who my competitors are? When you are a luxury brand, the meanings are very big. For example, Cadillac – previously not afraid to decide “we must change.” The problem was that throughout the 1980s and 1990s the decision to change was good, the actual change in model level “There was a catastrophe. In the early 2000s and in the evolution that continues to this day the answers have improved, meanwhile other brands have opened gaps and burners. Now, Cadillac as the flagship of the American auto industry needs this time to be very accurate in its answers. One of Cadillac’s answers to the change it is undergoing and the next steps Related to understanding who the new target audience is to target and what ammo She has to use. You don’t really need the luxury segment growth data and the huge bloom of the crossovers and the SUV in it to understand that there’s a huge gold artery here. Cadillac intends a very serious mining job in this field with its XT family. Today the XT5 and XT4 are populated, but in the near future we will also see the seven-seater XT6 come into play and rumors of a little brother named XT2 are turning around quite a bit. Sharp, sharpened

The XT4 is, therefore, one of the first swallows in this model attack, as it faces dense competition that includes the BMW X1, Mercedes GLA, Audi Q3, Volvo XC40, and others. Still, if only because of his dimensions, he can certainly tickle the team above him as well.

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