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Emet operates in two areas: Computer solutions, which includes marketing, distribution and assimilation of computer systems, software products and information security, as well as consulting and services; And in the OEM field, in which it designs and installs custom computerized systems integrated with its customers’ products.Interwise, the previous sale of Frank, was founded in 1994 and at the beginning of its development developed a product that enables communications conferences over IP. In 1999, the possibility of a Nasdaq issue was considered, and estimates were that the requested value would reach $ 600-800 million, but these plans were dropped, and the company invested $ 98 million over the years, so the sale to AT & T did not give investors a particularly impressive return.In an interview with “Globes” magazine several years ago, Frank related his days at Interwise. “I had a lot of challenges with her, I was in a place where I owed money to the bank, my first wife was pregnant with Noa, and I had no idea where I would pay my salaries and bring home money.” In 1998, After the bubble burst we had to cut the company by half, we moved it to Boston and in 2007 it was sold to AT & T. I stayed for two more years to run the company under the new ownership, and then I married Tzipi ” . His wife, Tzipi Brand Frank, is a television director and deputy mayor of Tel Aviv, and Zvi Frank was co-producer of his wife’s film, Google Baby, which won the Emmy Award for documentary films in 2011.

The computing world is changing, and Aqua Security has raised $ 62 millionAqua Security develops cyber solutions that will enable adoption of changes in the computing world: the use of containers, Dov-Oops and Srebrels • The company has raised $ 100 million so far • The round led by Insight, which deepens its presence in IsraelIn recent years, the world of technology has been undergoing a kind of revolution – the world of computing, servers and software is changing, so that all interaction between them. The number of organizations adopting the changes is growing rapidly, but these are still small numbers. In order to allow changes to occur at a higher speed, companies are working on technological developments that will enable the revolution to pass peacefully. This is the story behind Aqua Security, which develops cyber-defense technology for virtual containers and Serberles applications. The company announced today the completion of a

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