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Matsuoshi San has become bigger than Warren Buffett – what’s his secret?Investors are lining up to invest in Sun’s new Softbank fund; The previous fund invested in Uber and Wework; And – the biggest investor in Wework is … Saudi ArabiaJapan’s Softbank, Massioshi Sun, plans to launch the largest technology investment fund in the world – an estimated $ 120 billion.More articles on:Teva – a lot of threats, one chance; Is the company on the way to be sold?Altshuler Shaham is entering the field of basket funds – offering funds at low management feesWhile Softbank is active in the field of banking (investment banking), most of its activity is in the holding of technology and communications companies, including investment management and funds in these fields, in an amount estimated at over $ 400 billion.Softbank has announced that it will invest $ 38 billion in the new fund, Vision 2. At the same time, the company received pledges from major investors, including Apple and Microsoft, for $ 70 billion, and together with additional fundraising, the fund will break the record of the previous fund – the Vision 1 fund.

Vision 2 will focus on investment in companies in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). The former fund – Vision 1 raised $ 99 billion, and was more diversified in investment, with Uber and Wework among its leading investments.The largest investor in the first investment fund is Saudi Arabia’s government investment fund, which invested $ 45 billion in the Vision 1 fund. The government fund is also expected to invest in Fund 2, but at a lower level than its investment in the fund.Who is behind the Japanese technology giant?Softbank has a long list of communications and Internet companies. The company’s capital amounts to $ 50 billion, and its balance sheet exceeds $ 300 billion, before the launch of the second fund.The company was founded 38 years ago in Tokyo, Japan by Masihoshi Sun, a Japanese billionaire who is considered one of the world’s leading entrepreneurs. The launch of the second fund will make it the largest investor in the world – the amount of investments in Softbank, including its funds, exceeds Warren Buffet’s investments and other large investors.

Softbank’s method is investing in unicorns, otherwise it is impossible to manage an investment fund of $ 100 billion or more. In other words, the size of the fund requires it to invest in large investments and support them in order to “help” them to achieve the goal – huge companies.This explains in a way the adherence to Wework, which despite being a losing company, Softbank is continuing to support it and promote it to an offering on Wall Street at an estimated value of over $ 40 billion. The same principle was also reflected in its investment in Uber, which recently completed a Wall Street IPO at a value of more than $ 70 billion.And anecdote to conclude – from the above information indicates that the largest investor in Adam Neumann’s Wework Company is … Saudi Arabia (which is the largest holding in the First Fund)Rubbing the eyes: Starbucks completes increases of 60% from the beginning of 2019

The American coffee chain is showing good results for the last quarter, with sales from identical stores rising by 6%, and the company’s share is setting a new all-time record.One of the most prominent reports today is the largest coffee chain in the world, Starbucks (Nasdaq: SBUX), which jumped 9% tonight and set a new all-time record with a market value of $ 120 billion. Since the beginning of 2019, the company’s share has jumped more than 60%.Teva – a lot of threats, one chance; Is the company on the way to be sold?Altshuler Shaham is entering the field of basket funds – offering funds at low management feesStarbucks reported that revenue for the fourth quarter was $ 6.8 billion, an increase of 8% over the same quarter last year. Same-store sales rose by 6%, with half of the rise attributed to higher product prices. In the US, identity store sales rose by 7%, while in Chinese markets sales from identical stores increased by 5%.

The company’s operating profit amounted to $ 1.1 billion, a slight increase over the corresponding quarter last year. The company posted a net profit of $ 1.37 billion, or $ 1.12 billion, a 84% increase over the same period last year.During the last quarter, the company opened 442 new branches, bringing the total number of branches to 30,626. This is an annual increase of 7%, with nearly one-third of new stores opening in China. The company now expects to see an increase of 2,000 branches in all of 2019.At the same time, the company announced that it had acquired 6.8 million shares of the company in the last quarter, which, according to the original plan, could still purchase 52.7 million shares. In addition, the company announced a dividend distribution of $ 0.36 per share.Net profit per share is expected to reach $ 2.86-2.86, compared with a previous forecast of $ 2.4 per share.The company’s share is currently completing a jump of more than 60 since the beginning of 2019, but note the following figure: The company’s share is up nearly 2,800% from the low level set during the 2008 economic crisis.The company’s share price in the last two decades: in one word – amazinghinese authorities are on the way to nationalize another bank, who will be the next bank?

Another sign of stagnation in the financial markets: Chinese authorities are expected to nationalize the Bank of Jinzhou. It appears that without the Fed’s intervention in the coming months, it appears that the falls of banks around the world will become more commonIn early May, Chinese authorities had to nationalize a commercial bank for the first time since the 1979 economic reform. The authorities justified the move by claiming that Baoshang Bank placed significant credit risks on the domestic market. Several months after the rare move, it seems that the Chinese authorities are expected to nationalize another bank.Teva – a lot of threats, one chance; Is the company on the way to be sold?Altshuler Shaham is entering the field of basket funds – offering funds at low management fees

According to reports in the past two days, the Chinese authorities are expected to carry out a similar move in the near future with Bank of Jinzhou, which manages assets worth $ 100 billion and notes that the bank’s share has been suspended since April, The financial statements for 2018. At the beginning of June it was reported that the Ernst & Young accountants ceased to represent the Bank, due to “inconsistencies in the loan books, when the Bank refuses to supply relevant materials.”Following the collapse of Baoshang Bank earlier this year, the Chinese financial market froze, with the PBOC forced to inject more than 250 billion yuan into the financing markets, but in view of recent developments, it seems that the move was not enough. The domino stones in China began to fall.Read more: Trade war? The financing market in China is a bigger problemThe pressure of the banking sector in China, of course, affects most of the world’s banks, and is particularly prominent in the financing markets. In recent months, we have been following closely the rise in the effective interest rate in the US market (EFFR). Today it is trading at 2.40%, 5 points above the IOER rate (an event that should not have happened at all according to the Fed).

Meanwhile, it appears today that the pressure experienced by banks around the world in recent months was particularly low compared to the pressure expected in the coming months. The US government’s return to the funding markets without substantial intervention by the Fed (quantitative easing) is expected to lead to the fall of more banks around the world becoming a much more frequent occurrence.The FRA / OIS spreads for the coming months are returning to climb this evening, signaling a severe liquidity crisis. At the same time, cross-currency swap contracts against the dollar are also signaling dollar distress in the coming months from banks in Japan and Europe.FRA / OIS spreads for the coming months: Players are already preparing for the big player’s return to marketsThe big question now is exactly when the US administration will resume its massive mobilization from the markets. The US Treasury is expected to drop to around -2.8, and gradually rise thereafter, meaning that there is relatively high liquidity from the administration this week. The US Treasury has not yet published the funding plans for the coming months. However, estimates suggest a $ 600-650 billion raise from the market. Once that happens, the markets are in trouble. Twitter hits early forecasts, the company’s stock jumped by 9%

The social network shows an annual revenue increase of 18%, and an impressive increase in the number of daily users. The company launched a new web design earlier this monthThe Wall Street report season is still in a high gear, with the tweeting Twitter TWTR jumping 9% after the company beat early forecasts.More articles on:Teva – a lot of threats, one chance; Is the company on the way to be sold?Altshuler Shaham is entering the field of basket funds – offering funds at low management feesThe company reported revenues of $ 841.4 million, an 18% annualized increase, and higher than market forecasts of $ 829.3 million. Revenue from the company’s advertising business rose 23% to $ 727 million.The number of daily social network users (mDAU) was 139 million, higher than the earlier forecast of 135.4 million users. In the corresponding quarter last year reported about 122 million users. In terms of geographical distribution, the number of daily users in the US stood at 29 million at the end of the quarter, compared with 28 million in the previous quarter.The company reported net income of $ 1.1 billion, or $ 1.46 per share. The figure was affected by significant tax returns of nearly $ 1 billion. Adjusted profit was $ 37 million, or $ 0.05 per share.Amazon is losing 1.6% after mixed reports, missing out on the profit bar

The company is able to beat its revenue forecasts, but missed the bottom line and provides a disappointing profit forecast for the coming quarterThe reporting season on Wall Street peaked with reports from the big companies. Retail giant Amazon (AMZN) is now losing 1.6% of its value after the company disappoints investors with forecasts for the next quarter.More articles on:Teva – a lot of threats, one chance; Is the company on the way to be sold?Altshuler Shaham is entering the field of basket funds – offering funds at low management feesThe company’s sales in the fourth quarter totaled $ 63.4 billion, an annual increase of 20%, and higher than the previous estimate of $ 62.4 billion. However, the company’s sales from the cloud services division (AWS) totaled $ 8.38 billion, lower than the preliminary forecast of $ 8.5 billion. This is the first time that the division has seen annual growth of less than 40%.The company posted an operating profit of $ 3 billion, below expectations of a profit of $ 3.7 billion. It should be noted that in the corresponding quarter of last year, the Company recorded an operating profit of $ 2.9 billion. The net profit of the share was $ 2.6 billion, or $ 5.22 per share, compared with $ 2.5 billion in the corresponding quarter last year.

The company now expects revenues of $ 66-70 billion in the coming quarter, slightly above preliminary forecasts, and a figure that reflects a 20% increase over the same quarter last year. But it seems that what disappoints investors is the profit forecast. The company expects operating profit to be only $ 2.1-3.1 billion, significantly lower than the earlier estimate of $ 4.3 billion.Customers are responding to the shift of prime shipments within one day, we have received a lot of positive feedback and we have seen growth accelerate,” said founder and CEO Jeff Bezos in a press release. “Free intraday shipments are now available to prime customers at over 10 million Items, and we’re just getting started. ” Alphabet jumps 8% in late trading after reportsThe company reported a 19% increase in revenues compared to the corresponding quarter last year, and a profit of $ 9.94 billion. At the same time, the company is launching a $ 25 billion repurchase programThe company reported revenues of $ 38.9 billion in the fourth quarter, higher than the previous forecast of $ 38.1 billion. This is an annual increase of 19%. In terms of distribution, the company’s revenues from advertising business totaled $ 32.6 billion, compared to $ 28.08 in the corresponding quarter last year. Other revenues, including the company’s cloud computing division, totaled $ 6.2 billion. Another $ 162 million came from the company’s subsidiaries.

The company’s operating profit totaled $ 9.18 billion, compared with $ 3.045 billion in the corresponding quarter last year. The company’s profit margins were 24%, up from 9% in the same period last year. The company reported a adjusted profit of $ 9.94 billion, or $ 14.21 per share. This is higher than expected in the markets, which was an increase of $ 11.3 per share.Transportation acquisition costs (TAC) totaled $ 7.24 billion in the fourth quarter, compared to expectations of $ 7.27 billion. This figure refers to payments made by the company to other companies in order for the company’s search service to be “default”.The results for the last quarter were also augmented by a significant drop in taxes paid by the company to the authorities. In the corresponding quarter last year, the company’s effective tax was 24%, while in the current quarter it is only 18%.Silicom reports revenues of $ 25.4 million in the fourth quarterThe company that provides connectivity connectivity solutions continues to show a decline in business activity. The company’s share is now 60% off its peak in early 2018Teva – a lot of threats, one chance; Is the company on the way to be sold?Altshuler Shaham is entering the field of basket funds – offering funds at low management feesRevenues for the fourth quarter totaled $ 25.4 million, compared to $ 27.6 million in the corresponding quarter last year. The company reported a GAAP net income of $ 2.3 million, or $ 0.3 per share, compared with $ 2.4 million in the corresponding quarter last year.

The company’s revenue for the first quarter was $ 30.2 million, with a profit of $ 3.6 million, so today’s figures show a slowdown in activity, and the company expects revenue for the quarter to be $ 24-25 million.The company’s stock is reacting indifferently to the reports, with a moderate 1.6% drop, when it drops to a market value of $ 226 million, and today’s share price is 60% below its peak price in early 2018.A weekly graph of the company’s share in recent yearsAfter the good reports: Oppenheimer raises Wix’s target price to $ 172Oppenheimer analysts updated their target price to reflect an upside of 13% on the closing price on Wall Street last night; Wix’s revenues grew 27% in the second quarterOppenheimer raised its target price for the second quarter of the year, raising its target price to $ 172 per share, an upside of 13% on the share price at the close of trading on Wall Street last night.Teva – a lot of threats, one chance; Is the company on the way to be sold?Altshuler Shaham is entering the field of basket funds – offering funds at low management feesAccording to Oppenheimer’s analysts, “Weix’s results show an improvement in the company’s profitability, while raising prices alongside the launch of new products masks a temporary slowdown in the rate of adding new subscribers.” Premium subscribers posted 17% growth this quarter, down from 21% in the previous quarter. A change in the pricing model with the cancellation of the basic package at low profitability. “

“In the second quarter of 2019, Wix presented revenues of $ 185.4 million, a 27% growth, above the consensus of $ 184 million and our forecast of $ 183 million.” Collection orders totaled $ 200 million, a 25% Fixed currency), above the consensus of $ 198.5 million and our forecast of $ 198 million. “Wex’s management has slightly increased its forecasts for 2019, predicting revenues of $ 761-765 million (26% -27% growth), collections orders of $ 825-831 million (25% -26% growth), and FCF 123 Compared to a consensus of $ 762 million, $ 828 million and $ 123 million respectively, and we are updating our forecasts accordingly, maintaining revenue projections and collections for the years 2019 and 2020, along with raising FCF and EBITDA forecasts ” .Oppenheimer’s analysts concluded: “We believe that the progress in the introduction of Wix’s new products will accelerate growth while improving profitability and maintain our recommendation for Outperform with a target price increase of $ 140 to $ 172, based on a 20×20 collection forecast for 2020 , A discount for a Shopify product that is traded at a sales multiple of 21 “.

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