milestone report

The ability to distribute a legitimate currency is a milestone that has never been seen in the relations between corporations and governments. True, it can be argued that the banks give credit they do not really have based on a certain reserve ratio and “de facto” is also a form of printing money, but it is still money controlled by the state.

This means that in the future, other companies such as Amazon and Google will also issue a currency

And there will be no need for Fiat coins at all. At least economic significance would be a more stable economic system, where the ratio of currencies was determined by market forces and not by government intervention in interest rate changes.

“Big Brother is watching”

Facebook will know what you are doing with its money. Facebook will have the ability to track the movement of the Global Quinn across the network, it will know what you bought and when, how much money you are willing to afford and what, it will be able to make statistical cuts and see how many users have made purchases of products or services following the publications presented to them.

The potential of knowledge about the movement of currencies around the world is almost unlimited. This means that Facebook’s advertising and tyragot capabilities will increase exponentially. If today Facebook can imagine what interests us, in the future it will know exactly what we spent money on and how much.

People will have much more time and a lot less money

One of the main concerns for the future is that accelerated technological progress will lead to mass unemployment due to the development of computing power, artificial intelligence and technological developments such as 3D printers.

Taxi drivers and manual workers are not the only ones who need to worry about their work. AI-based algorithms can now write songs, stories, jokes, provide customer service and technical support, and even provide QA and programming services.

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