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 time of year were cut. “You take advantage of opportunities, but this summer there are no opportunities,” the pilot added.Most of the more than 400 Air Canada pilots flew the company’s 24 aircraft before they boarded the plane, and are now on holiday and receiving only partial pay, according to two sources involved in the company’s operations.All you need to know about the figure will determine whether interest rates in the US will riseOn Friday, the Employment Report will be published in the market. ▪ The market estimates that positive figures in the employment data will increase the chances of an increase in the interest rate in September to 80%. Today, the “trailer” will be published for the Employment Report:Record market sentiment is set for Friday’s US employment data, with positive data likely to tip the balance in favor of an interest rate hike already in September.

Signals that the Fed is ready to raise interest rates once again this year were received at the Jackson Hole Central Bank conference last week. Fed Chairman Janet Yellen said in a speech at the conference that the improvement in the US economy raises the chances of an interest rate hike. However, Yelan’s speech was vague and only her deputy Stanley Fischer delivered the goods. Fischer said unequivocally that the possibility of raising the interest rate in September is still on the table and that there is room for two interest rate hikes this year, in line with the Fed’s forecast.Against the background of the words of Yelan and Fischer, the contracts on the interest rate reflect a 25 percent chance of an interest rate hike in September and 44 percent of the increase in December.Mohammed Al-Arian, a senior economic adviser at Alianz, believes that the chances of the Fed operating on Friday will raise interest rates to about 80 percent if the employment report is positive. He notes three factors in the report that could influence the Fed to continue monetary restraint: at least 180,000 new jobs, average hourly wage growth and an increase in labor market participation.

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