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 7 cents above the company’s own forecasts. On the top line, revenue fell from $ 4.62 billion in the second quarter of 2018 to $ 3.67 billion in the second quarter of this year. Analysts had forecast earnings of $ 1.22 per share on $ 3.6 billion in revenue.Texas Instruments works with tens of thousands of end customers and sells hundreds of thousands of products, which is a company that sees the entire market in general, and therefore the impact,” said Sergey Wiscunk of Oppenheimer. “It has a high correlation with chip companies, Industrial markets, communications, sensors, cellular, this seems to be the reason for today’s rise, and in general the chip market has not been seen recently, and there seems to be signs that something has broken loose, I would not say that the trade war was over, but the American tone softened in favor of Chinese Waui. Giant such as Intel or Broadcom for the third quarter did not include Wavi from the north Against the backdrop of concern about measures against it by the US – now it is released. “

Tower is expected to publish financial reports for the second quarter next week. “I do not remember when Tower published reports so early in the season,” Wisconek added. “It can also be a positive sign, meaning it has already closed the quarter earlier than usual, and there is usually a reason for it to be published later than others because it is a complicated company with divisions around the world.We reiterate that the entire year of 2018 Tower finished with a 7% decrease in revenues compared to 2017, to a level of about $ 1.3 billion. Operating profit declined 29% to $ 155 million, and net profit shrank by 54% to $ 136 million. Free cash flow totaled $ 143 million last year. Cash flow from operating activities was $ 313 million, while investments in machinery and fixed assets totaled $ 170 million.Theium is not just a digital currency: “We want the Blocchine to create economic value for corporations”The world’s largest blockbuster company, ConsenSys, expanded its operations to Israel last year. Daniel Heiman and Dror Avieli, two of the company’s executives, tell “Globes” about the challenges they face, in part because of Facebook’s onslaught on the market, Next of Atrium technology

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