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of NIS 207 million. Since the transaction was completed, the stock has seen a single percentage increase. Following the deal, my beloved remains with 22.8% of the capital, Yunnel and Oz holding about 20% each and the Golden House about 10%.Rabad is a real estate company operating in the yielding real estate sector in Western Europe (Ireland and Switzerland) and in Israel, in nursing homes in England (owns 19 nursing homes in the country in partnership with the Golden House) and entrepreneurial real estate in Israel. This is a relatively small real estate company , Which currently owns 10 rental properties in Israel and abroad, some of which are for sale, and a partner in the residential project Antokolsky in central Tel Aviv. The company trades at a market value of NIS 180 million. Electra should record one-time profit of NIS 118 million following cancellation of fees by Golan Telecom

The PA warned that the cancellation of the frequency allocation “could raise claims by Cellcom in connection with Golan’s obligations under the sharing agreement”, and in case of its use, claims “will be reviewed by the company and its legal advisers” Electra should(5.065 ± 3.66%)(AM) is expected to enjoy a nice one-off profit of NIS 118 million. This follows a decision to cancel fees for cancellations of frequencies canceled to its subsidiary Golan Telecom, according to an update released by the company this morning. -50%, reflecting the company’s present value of close to NIS 1.2 billion.The Civil Service has updated that these are 3G telecommunications frequencies allocated to Golan Telecom in 2012, and which have not been used for the past two years, due to significant interruptions recorded as a result of parallel allocation of the same frequencies by the Palestinian Authority’s communications operator to cellular operators.As a result, “Golan will not be required to pay fees for frequencies totaling NIS 20 million per year until 2031.” Accordingly, the Civil Service Authority updated that in its financial statements for the third quarter of the year, it will cancel the “liability for a burdensome contract” and raise the aforementioned profit (approximately NIS 118 million).

The amendment also states that cancellation of the frequency allocation, as stated, “may raise claims by Cellcom in connection with Golan’s obligations under the sharing agreement”, and in case of its use, claims “will be reviewed by the Company and its legal advisers, including their implications for the financial statements. “The point of light of amzWith the current update, AM, controlled by brothers Michael (Mikey) and Daniel Zalkind, through Elco companies, continues to benefit from the cellular company acquired by it in April 2017, which in the past year has been a bright spot in its financial results, while its core business is importing electrical consumer goods And running marketing networks, suffers from relative weakness.t the end of 2018, Golan Telecom’s operating profit, managed by Gil Sharon, climbed 29% to NIS 92 million, after a similar increase in revenue, to NIS 519 million. This is while the annual earnings of the PPR contracted sharply by 95% to NIS 8 million, after a net profit of NIS 164 million in 2017, when its annual revenues eroded by 6% to NIS 2.6 billion. In the first quarter of 2019, Golan Telecom’s revenues remained stable, at NIS 130 million, and its operating profit climbed 28% to NIS 23 million. At the end of the quarter, Golan Telecom also updated 901,000 subscribers – reflecting minor changes in the corresponding quarter and fourth quarter of 2018, as well as an average monthly income per subscriber (ARPU) of NIS 48, similar to the corresponding quarter and the fourth quarter of 2018.Also in 2017, following the acquisition of Golan Telecom, AMZ enjoyed a one-off profit of several million shekels, which was reimbursed by the Ministry of Communications for the repayment of several tens of millions of shekels by the Ministry of Communications. It had to stand. Jeff Bezos sold Amazon shares for $ 1.8 billionAmazon founder and CEO sold 1.6% of its holdings in the company in the past three days

(1,859.35 -0.40%)At $ 1.8 billion, the company reported to the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The sale took place in the last three days, and each share was sold for $ 1,900.According to Forbes, after paying taxes, Bezos will have $ 1.4 billion left of the sale. Now its capital value is $ 115 billion. Forbes argues that this is the biggest (in dollar terms) sale made by Bezos since he founded Amazon in 1994.By year, Bezos stated that he plans to sell $ 1 billion of Amazon shares annually to fund his space company, Blue Origin, so the sale may now be for that purpose.Forbes also notes that Bezos transferred 25% of the company’s shares (19.7 million shares) to his divorce, McKenzie, as part of the divorce agreement between the two. Mackenzie’s share cap is estimated at $ 36.8 billion, making it the third richest woman in the world. These voting rights will remain with Bezos. Tomorrow Is Happening: The Great Shopping Guide for Chinese Bachelor Day Soldiers, and November’s Shopping CelebrationsNovember’s shopping deals are already here, and they’ll peak this Sunday when Chinese Bachelor’s Day is marked • So, a moment before you pull out your credit, here’s everything you need to know: How to split packages correctly, where to write the phone number, how to reduce shipping fees By the weight of the package, and with what is it worth waiting for the last minute • Oh, and you better find out your true focus. It’s Important Chinese Bachelor’s Day, Black Pride and Cyber ​​Mandy – November’s online shopping celebration known for Christmas promotions and significant discounts, has begun in China and the United States, and in recent years has slipped to both Israel and the physical stores. The chains try to entice us to buy more and more, and the supply is endless.

According to PayPal data transferred to Globes, 80% of Israelis are shopping on international sites, so it’s no surprise that Israel is one of the world’s top three overseas shopping trends. According to Ibi, last year the average volume of Black Freud and Cyber ​​Monday was 700 NIS, compared to NIS 500 two years ago, and what we like to buy, especially fashion (85%), toys (69%), and gadgets and electronics (68%).Israel Post estimates that 15.3 million packages will be shipped to Israelis during international shopping holidays – a 10% increase over last year. By comparison, an average of about 4.6 million parcels a month in the postal departmentPrivate shipping companies are also seeing a significant increase in shopping volume. “This is the fourth year that we have a 30% -40% increase yearly during the holiday shopping period,” says Jonathan Ivgi, DHL’s vice president of commerce, who explains that courier companies ship hundreds of thousands of packages during this period, especially when it comes to large or expensive products or shopping. Of importance to the speed of delivery.According to Yaron Ben Eli, Managing Director of the Ushops website for personal imports from the US, “If the average weight of a package over the year is 2-3 kg, in Black Friday the average weight is 5-6 kg. Also in light of product shopping Big ones like TVs, grills and furniture items, and also because of huge quantities of clothing, especially winter clothing sold at a big discount. “So what do you need to know before you pull out your credit card? “Globes” makes you order. The first step: comparison and planning in advance

The most important action before any purchase is to compare prices. Please note that on US sites the price shown does not include local tax (which varies between countries and between products), and can only be seen after the product is added to the shopping cart (take into account that there is also a currency conversion fee for NIS). , And we recommend using them, including Zap in the Country, NexTag, PriceGrabber, Shopzilla and abroad. It’s worth remembering that the online shopping world does not only amount to Amazon, eBay or Express owners, there are loads of websites, small and big, and worth a look too. Many of them are already advertising the promotions that will be given on sale days, so that, for example, they could not resist going out with First Minute deals that are updated daily.In any case, it is worthwhile and desirable to plan your shopping in advance and try to avoid impulsive buying of unnecessary products. And even if you haven’t had the time to buy what you wanted – not bad, December and year-end deals are around the corner. When will we pay tax?This week we breathed a sigh of relief after the High Court decided not to discuss the issue of tax exemptions to online shoppers and leave it intact, so packages priced up to $ 75 (not including shipping) are tax-exempt, while packages priced between $ 75 and $ 500, estimated to be about Only 2%, VAT required.Some sites, such as Amazon, show the final price and charge VAT in advance based on the purchase volume. If you exceed the tax-exempt amount, you will receive a separate notice of payment only after the package arrives in Israel. package shoppers, we will find that in terms of customs, packages shipped in less than two days may be calculated for tax purposes as one package. However, the possibility of the tax authority to discover the parcel fragmentation lies in the sender’s policy. Next, for example, connects split packages for service reasons (which is why many Israelis return the bundled packages and re-order separately to avoid paying the tax). However, in most cases, the tax authorities find it very difficult to locate among the mountainous parcels of the parcels that have been split.

Recommendation: Check the final price with tax in advance. If you split your purchase, we recommend using a different address and username to be sure.Returns and cancellationsOn all sites you will find options to return the products and cancel the transaction. The catch is that in most cases you will have to pay for shipping the product back without receiving the shipping fee you already paid (for example, on the new American Outlets website launched by Shufersal this week).Some sites resolve this through Govina envelopes that are provided to buyers, or through a PayPal payment that considers itself a party to the transaction (which is an important advantage in case of dispute with the shipper). The latter even offers a service called “There is a way back”, in which it reimburses buyers the shipping cost when they choose to return a product.Please note: The Consumer Council mentions that a non-Israeli site is not subject to the law when it comes to canceling a transaction within 14 days.Recommendation: Make sure the transaction can be canceled under reasonable conditions and pay through PayPal to save on shipping costs. The price towards the end of the sale on Black Friday or Cyber ​​Mandi, for example, is declining as the closing day whistle approaches, “Iggy says.” We see this clearly in recent years, when in some cases the price of the products falls right towards the end of the night, and there are sellers Who tend to give free express delivery at the last minute. So it pays to wait. “Recommendation: If you can wait – you’ve earned.What is important to check before buying an electrical productJust before pressing the button and buying a TV screen or coffee machine, homework is required. First, the compatibility test of electricity to the country; Secondly, it is imperative to check whether this is a product that requires regulatory approval or approval by the Department of Transportation if it is a vehicle spare part.

Furthermore, check the gross package size (ie cardboard to be shipped to Israel) in advance to calculate the shipping cost, and the extra you will be required to pay according to the tax ceiling (as mentioned above, over $ 75 extra VAT and over $ 500 also customs duty). It varies depending on the type of product and its addition you should check in advance.The Customs Authority, the Standards Institute and the Ministry of Transport will provide you with answers to all these questions, along with calculators that will show you the price of the shipping on the various sites.Ben Eli suggests being impressed with “refurbished” products, especially in the area of ​​cell phones. These products have undergone a renewal process, sometimes after only being removed from the manufacturer’s box, and are 30% cheaper. “In the US, no product is returned to the shelf if a customer returns it, even if it is brand new. It’s a window of opportunity for the reality of electronics. “

Another issue to consider is the after-sales warranty and service. Some brands have an international responsibility that says that any repair or replacement should be shipped overseas, and there are products and brands that have no warranty, so you should take this issue into consideration.Recommendation: As far as electrical products are concerned, an in-depth examination of the suitability, warranty and final price is required.Offer you money, won’t you? Credit card companies and various sites offer cash back rates ranging from 1% to 15%. To receive a refund, you must make purchases through sites such as or that provide variable returns. For example, the return on express buyers is 8%,

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