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The start up advertising budget is usually a meager budget, and investing in social media to build a page and update it by an outside company is unlikely to return in its first year.

In the case of Facebook Ads the result will be different. We will invest low starting budgets that we can measure, and if advertising generates conversions we can increase the advertising budget. At the end of the day the return on investment in this publication is what will give us the desired financial results.Another way to find out about our businessIn Google’s sponsored advertising system, Google Adwords, the search marketing channel runs on Pull technology. In other words, if today I need some kind of service, product or supplier then I go to Google, search for the specific thing I want to find, get a list of between 10 and 20 (including organic results) suppliers or service providers and just pull one. That is, going into a link that Google gives me, looking for a phone or form, contacting and advancing… It is very good for businesses to appear in Google results that target the potential customer of my bu

siness to me.Facebook Ads, and generally Facebook is running a different marketing technology this season, Push. It’s borrowed from the tangible world where we can see newspaper ads on the street or on our way to work on Ayalon Road, the message was pushed to us and we didn’t pull it. This technology actually gives us the opportunity to approach our potential customer among all Facebook users, and to let them know that we provide a service that may be relevant in the future or even today.In Facebook Ads, we only pay for the click. This is how we maintain the successful model that Google works on – Pay Per Click. If my ad is not clicked then I do not pay any money and I set how much I am willing to pay for a click.Facebook sees our proposal, checks the ads we entered into the system and if everything is related and we do not violate anything that Facebook dictates, then our campaign is up and we know almost exactly how much we pay per click and what is the daily budget we are willing to spend.

Basically, this is a full campaign oversight and we can measure effectiveness later. And with proper use of web tracking software, we can find the ads that work best for us, and those that attract the highest quality audience and spend the entire budget. This is what will help us save from the budget we spend on internet marketing.

Benefits of Facebook AdsThe only advertising system larger than Google’s advertising system.It divides the user more accurately than the system Google offers us.In many cases this is a system that is cheaper than Google’s advertising system.Simpler than Google’s advertising system. In most cases, you can use this system yourself (at least in the initial stage) Is Facebook Advertising System Good for My Business?The question is: is the technology that the system that Facebook offers us to advertise through is technology that we can rely on to be relevant to us and also help us generate sales?

It’s always important to remember that Facebook’s advertising system is actually a system that shows our ads to the user for who they are, not what they are looking for (as opposed to Google). As we said, this system works with Push technology. This will in many cases be a disadvantage and not something useful in terms of the conversion we need to generate on our site or landing page.This makes a lot of sense – if a user searches for a particular product, service or supplier on Google, and we can be accessible to him at that moment, as well as being attractive in terms of the product or service he is looking for, he will probably close a deal with us. In some cases, it will be the best and most effective tool with which we can reach surfers who have not yet begun to conduct a market survey, offer them a service they may not have thought of yet and inspire them to think that is what they need right now.

This gives us the first right to contact the surfer, who is actually the potential customer of the business, and try to sell it. If the customer is short on time and we see him as a reliable supplier, there is no reason why he will not close a deal with us.The problem – not everyone who presses us today needs us today. The likelihood of seeing our ad again soon is low.Different models for marketing on FacebookBenefits – In the benefits we can give Facebook users, many times this is what can generate sales through Facebook. The benefit that the surfer receives will look to him as if he really won something he would not receive elsewhere, and if he does not take advantage of the moment now he will not receive it in the future. So yes we helped him through the ad to reach us and close with us, Google already looks less good to him because he gets us a benefit that he doesn’t offer elsewhere. This is actually our advantage over the one we chose to post on Facebook, and its advantage in choosing to reach us through Facebook.Products that have no competition in the market – In my experience as an internet marketing company, I often come across people who try to promote patented products, they come with all the enthusiasm in the world that they are now going to change the world with this revolutionary product, give me a try (many times I am excited about this product Even myself), articles show me how this thing is conquering Europe and the US, and that now it is g

oing to change consumer habits in the country. A very appreciated initiative. The problem begins when we think about the keywords we are going to promote in Google, which is their first requirement – to appear in Google. People who want the hardest search terms with the most Ruth (in most cases, there is an independent relationship between the product they want to promote and keyword selection.) Sometimes it works like my client, for example, promoting the word “portable hot tub,” and we also promoted it with the word “hot tub.” Does the word jacuzzi are not 100% targeted for its product, and there is more serious competition around this search word, a lot of people search for the term “jacuzzi” and suddenly find that there is a new alternative, because it really is a lot It’s easier to just move to a light and portable hot tub, than to an indoor hot tub that requires home improvement. Well this is just one example… In some cases unfortunately, the customer wants to promote a product that no one has heard of, and moreover, there is probably no search word that people will bother to search at all. This week, for example, someone like me, very nice who wants to promote “electronic eyes for doors”. this is really cool! But no one is looking for “electronic eyes for doors” on Google. And I don’t know if even looking for “door eyes” at all … I offered him some solutions that I’m sure could work. The first idea is to do a Google-sponsored campaign on the terms “gadgets”, “gadgets”, “gadgets”. I also suggested that he promote the product on Facebook and target 25+ people – a campaign for married couples, and a general campaign. I can give you the results after everything goes up. I’m sure Facebook will help him a lot more than organically promoting “eyes to the door” would help. In conclusion, more patents are suitable for a Push marketing channel.

Family-related products – Yes, this is a kind of trick that many people don’t enjoy when I reveal it, but, there are many people who sell products for events, and events are often weddings. Facebook’s advertising system has a first ability to segment relationships by relationship status. If we see that people are in engaged status but haven’t had a wedding yet, we can offer them endless services that will contribute to their wedding and add to this magical day something else they may not have even thought of. Also keep in mind that married couples are preparing a wedding budget, and are willing to invest in lots of things that will lift this big event! Here we catch them, with emotional weakness and a full wallet… But I didn’t tell you that ? Thinking about services you can fit into is your job …

More status-based products – On the same model of the previous section, we can locate people who are single and push dating products, dating sites, mentors, and more and more.It’s about the system where we can be most relevant to people who are at some point in their life, at one age or another, in a certain status, and we really know what they’re looking for. That way no money is thrown in the trash – and that’s it!If you decide to run a campaign of over $ 10,000 a month, finish reading the post and talk to an expert. As long as this post is, you need professional help and maybe even campaign creative, ie: questionnaires, sponsored stories, Reach Block takeovers and all kinds of services that Facebook offers to big advertisers. We’ll be focusing on regular campaigns right now – for one purpose only … Sales! Background on social media marketingSince the dawn of the social networking era, many businesses have started marketing themselves on Facebook. For the first time, businesses and companies are creating a personal level for Facebook users and for some businesses it works wonderfully in branding and advertising. It is obvious to all of us that in order to produce a successful Facebook business page, we need a Facebook Page (with a lot of people) who click the “Like” button and add themselves to our mailing list. The mailing list of the people who clicked on us on Page is actually the list of people who will receive all the messages and updates we post on the wall of our Facebook page. It’s a big advantage for businesses that have a lot to say.

In summary, as a business page is properly managed, updated and communicated with correct and interesting messages to page members, awareness of that business will increase significantly among stakeholders.

How to Build a Successful Business Profile on Facebook?

First we need to have a Facebook page with good visibility, innovative design and a convenient and easy to navigate and understand user interface. We need to “catch” the eyes of the users with design elements such as:

Long profile picture with interesting content.

Regular page updates.

Panoramic picture.

Apps that appear in tabs, and other cool things.In summary, we should try to maximize the moment the user enters our business profile.Case Study Analysis 1An interesting example of a campaign we ran for a large company we work with. The main purpose of the campaign was to create Likes and increase the Facebook page of a web game – that’s the customer’s definition.In a very short period and in very low budgets we were able to produce another 1000 lakes to meet the floor prices of NIS 1 per person (Lake).

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