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Jaroma also believes that in the second quarter, Amazon will publish better data on the North American retail business, whose growth rate has slowed to 17 percent in the first quarter, from 46 percent a year earlier, as part of a continuing slowdown as it becomes more profitable. “The first quarter of retail sales in the US is weak and affected by the weather and Easter, but we believe the second quarter will bring better results and improved revenue growth in Amazon and the Hall Foods chain.” The company may also refer to the recent Prime Day event, Of the event will be evident only in the next quarter reports.Intel: How will the trade war affect?Chip giant Intel(52.92)Is in a challenging period, and the previous quarter was the first since 2015, when the company did not show growth compared with the parallel quarter. It was also the first quarter of Bob Swan as the company’s permanent chief executive, after serving as CFO and temporary chief executive, while Swan is again tested and the situation is likely to be even worse.Analysts expect revenues in the second quarter to be $ 15.7 billion, compared to $ 17 billion in the parallel quarter. Analysts expect the company to post a profit of 89 cents a share, down from the $ 1 per share it earned in the parallel quarter.

By division, over 80% of Intel’s revenues in the previous quarter came from the group of data centers and the personal computer division – and the two divisions are expected to record declines this quarter. Revenue from the data center group is expected to fall by 12% to $ 4.9 billion, and PC revenue is expected to fall 6.8% to $ 8.1 billion. Revenues from the Internet products of things are expected to rise by 7.2% to $ 943 million, but this is a much smaller share of the company’s revenues.The group of data centers actually experienced a slowdown for several quarters before revenue began to decline, after a number of years as a growth engine for Intel, due to the growing popularity of cloud-based services, and in contrast to the global slowdown experienced PC sales. Some analysts think that Intel’s current quarter may be better than expected, but such a surprise will come at the expense of the next quarter. These analysts are based on recent reports by research firms that laptop sales rose this quarter, but that the increase is due to concern that they will be imposed on products covered in the trade war. That is why the company may cut its outlook for the rest of the year after it has already disappointed analysts with its annual forecast for the previous quarter. According to the forecast,

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