good days for investmnets

Some players expect a 0.1% cut in interest rates in Europe, while others believe it is more likely that the bank will open the way for further rate cuts or further quantitative easing.The risk of something big happening today is still not fully priced,” one of the market’s strategists said today. He added that the chances of a cut in interest rates rose “significantly” following a series of weaker-than-expected economic data. However, the “big question” concerns Draghi’s comments on quantitative easing (QE).In front of the reports, consumer goods giant Unilever(59.89)Reported slightly lower than expected quarterly revenue growth. However, the company has restored its annual sales targetAsian stock markets closed higher. The declines in Seoul weakened towards the end of trading, and the CPI gaug(2,074.48 -0.38%)Decreased by 0.4%.In Europe, market rallies are recorded on expectations of a 0.1% interest rate cut by the central bank on the continent.In the UK, the Cobham shares jump(166.40 + 35.56%) 35%, after reporting that the US private equity firm Advent International agreed to buy the company for $ 5 billion.On the other hand, there is a 10% decline in the Sage share725.20 -11.19%)After revenues from software services dropped by 15.5% in the first nine months of the yearInvestors’ expectations at the peak: What to look for in the financial reports of Amazon, Google and Intel will be published tonigh

After last week’s good reports from Microsoft and Facebook yesterday, other technology giants were due to publish this week: Can Amazon return to rapid growth, Google’s important figure on its advertising activity and the test of the new Intel CEO? All you need to know about company reportsTechnology stocks are breaking new highs in recent months, and the Nasdaq 100 has risen 25% since the beginning of the year, technology giants continue to strengthen, and regulatory challenges are still largely unaffected – certainly not in growth rates. After its stock jumped 40% since the beginning of 2019 (similar to the Amazon share). Apple, which began this year with its first forecast loss since the launch of the first iPhone, also posted a 32% jump this year. And if that was not enough, then Facebook jumped 51% in

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