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The occupancy rate in Melisron’s commercial centers stood at 98% in the quarter and 96% in the office space.

As of the end of March, Melisron owned and operated 388,000 square meters of regional shopping centers, 267,000 square meters of offices and 104,000 square meters of local shopping malls, Mr. Malisron notes that construction of a number of projects has recently been completed, adding more than 28,000 square meters (the Company’s share). These areas, which have been almost completely occupied and have not yet yielded revenues in the first quarter, are expected to yield a NIS 25 million annual NOI increase, assuming full occupancy.

Melisron stock
(17,500 + 3.06%)
Responded to the reports by a 2% rise during trading on the TASE today. In the past year, the share rose 20% and the company’s value reached NIS 7.7 billion.

“We have long been aware of the possibility that international players will deepen their penetr

ation into Israel. We have prepared and will continue to act to make the required adjustments in malls and to deepen the use of marketing technologies in order to strengthen the customer club of Ofer malls and to leverage it as a leading digital marketing tool in consumer worlds. In addition, the company is currently in the midst of expanding its activity in the office sector. We will continue to operate in the next few years to expand our activities in the field of offices, focusing on compounds that constitute campuses for high-tech industries, including mixed uses of commerce, leisure and work. “

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