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Because this car turns on the light when it’s dark, the wipers turn on when

it rains, turning the steering wheel to keep the lane, accelerating and slowing exactly according to the GPS and in front of any other car or potential danger. I realized I didn’t need me there and I was going to go away, get on her own! But then I realized I had no way to get back to the compound of the launch event, so I stayed.

Another safety system that has been updated with the facelift – identifying cars in the “dead area” on the side of the vehicle has greatly improved and now, according to a Skoda engineers statement, the car knows how to identify cars over 70 meters, compared to 20 meters earlier.

The general lighting system has also made great progress. Skoda Superb has a wide LED lighting system. This includes narrower front lanterns than before, with long, thin light bulbs and a network of LED lights that “know” to light the way selectively – shining light wherever possible and reducing lighting in front of any driver who may be dazzled. Active lighting also illuminates the roadside when turning. Well stretched skin

The narrow front headlights are part of the Skoda Superb Minor Exterior design update. In addition, thickening of the front grill while nickel as well as a refresh to the structure of the front bumper. Also inside the passenger compartment, the update is minor and includes improvements and renovations to the structure and composition of the materials as well as the entry of decoration materials.

The materials did make a very high quality impression. Not upscale, exceptionally soft or leathery and woody (except, especially, on the seats), but it does look durable and trim. Here and there, indeed, there were even upscale materials – such as the “piano finish” buttons and wood-style strips. The assembly did not always meet the standards of the materials and at certain speeds there was sometimes little noise and assembly noise.

The seats in all the versions we used to have were well-toned skin. They were a little stiff and they could not be adjusted to support the front of the hips, but they were also comfortable, built to a range of body sizes, accurately adjustable to a good driving position and are natural companions for extended travel. Cells, cells everywhere

The dashboard shows some kind of internal contradiction. On the one hand it is very technological – the entire digital display and the push of a button can change the display in a variety of options: the navigation system may be the bulk of the display, or its part, you can combine numbers with watches, or the main will be watches, or a more ‘sporty’ mode with the basket gauge “D is the central one and the speed is shown in the middle of the numbers. So where is the internal contradiction? Everything is presented in a cold and efficient way, and without excitement and colorful designs, as if to say – I can stir, but more importantly I think everything will be clear and relevant.

Also around the driver is a high-quality, high-resolution, relatively easy-to-find multimedia display, though we would add a few more functions with physical buttons that won’t require skipping the screen pages (I’m talking to you, the air conditioner button).

As one might expect from Skoda, original practical solutions are generously offered here. The compartment between the front seats, for example, is large and very spacious. It contains a USB socket and also a strong coolant controlled. At the bottom of the compartment is a small opening hiding for another original compartment where you can hide pens and other long items. The glove compartment is very large and if you want to cool it with bottles or chocolate for the honor of the minister here too you will find an adjustable refrigerator.

In order not to consume expensive real estate in the cup holder, a small garbage can is opened – a kind of frame that can be placed wherever you want, and simply put on a plastic bag. A simple and effective solution is also at the forefront of charging your smartphone. In many other cases, it is difficult to tell if the phone is currently charging or not. The Superb has a touch screen indicator (“QI”) and just know.

The back seat of the Superb is one of the places where the most combinations have been made in the State of Israel. It is therefore important, especially for democracy, to understand how it is. Well, it’s extremely spacious. The Minister will enjoy a very large internal space, even if he is tall. In addition, they will have a removable curtain, which will keep its privacy in the pass over protesters, and air conditioning openings controlled by a digital temperature monitor panel.

Here, too, as expected, there are creative storage solutions. Alongside a central backrest with a pair of cup holders, who will know how to handle even a few bottles, the Honorable Minister can enjoy a dedicated holder in the back of the front seat for a tablet or smartphone as well as a holster designed to carry a folding travel blanket. Note on the back seat – entering and exiting it, surprisingly, not very convenient. The opening is slightly narrow and long and also needs to lift the leg to the height to get in or out.

And what about the baggage? Well, what do you think – a knockout for almost every garage in the world. Skoda, anyway. The load capacity of the trunk here is huge, but the size in liters tells only part of the story. The trunk benefits from the huge door that opens and also new components of the cell floor arrangement.

To my surprise, the Lawrence End and senior Clement version of the launch did not have a spare wheel (which would have disappeared in the vast space) but a weighting kit. The hybrid version expected later, smaller than the current versions, due to the extra battery, but it is still particularly large. Ancient pavement roads and just pits

Skoda Superb doesn’t have too many luxury car graces, but there are definitely dimensions (of a large luxury car, well) and at their feet are mounted luxury car racks. Leaving the seat in the Superb produces a sense of great vehicles – the front section slightly accelerates and sinks down, and the car slightly leans sideways in curves. However, it is not a feeling of unrestrained yachting, but rather a kind of easy and pleasant movements, which leaves us with matters about what is going on outside, but without being bothered.

One of the places where the superb proved this ability was on the ancient pavement roads in the Austrian villages. There, despite an impossible road route, the car remained restrained and very pleasant to drive.

The most stringent suspensions were in the Lawrence & Clement version, where the Adaptive Chassis Control system was installed. The system produces accurate real-time restraint that balances the road conditions so that the driver and passengers get much less portability. This does not mean that the base versions will be uncomfortable. Even when the Superb was very comfortable and the main differences we felt were in encounters with ignorance or other vulnerabilities that are sharp and sudden; In these cases, the comfort of the basic Superb was good and L&K – excellent. Powers of government

In the not too distant future, we might meet a Skoda Superb with a hybrid-rechargeable propulsion system (218 hp, about 40 kgs). Jackie Aviv, manager of the Skoda division in Israel, tells us that at this stage there is no accurate forecast for his arrival. We will wait patiently.

Meanwhile, Superb will market with four possible propulsion systems: one is a base version with a 1.5-liter turbo-petrol engine with 150 kW. The other – a 2-liter turbo gasoline engine that produces 190 kW and replaces both the 180 kW version And the 220. Third system – 2-liter turbo diesel as well, with 190 hp as well … and the fourth and top 2-liter system, all-wheel drive and 272 hp power league.The 190 kW petrol engine is very balanced and elegant for the Superb. It’s smooth, cozy and doesn’t feel “powerful”, but delivers the power that drives the big car effortlessly, under almost any condition. At times, especially when leaving the scene, it tends to allow a moment to think about whether to really convey what the driver has asked for, and yet, especially on the move, her reactions are just fine, especially if she is exercised in a sporting situation.The 1.5 engine is light and fresh in supply. His character brings him to react faster than his friends and also to convey to the driver much more sense and information than is happening. His somewhat limited power, however, causes him to strain in various cases, such as strong accelerations or strong bypasses. The gearbox, by the way, gave an even slower feel than the other versions, but the lightness and speed of the engine made up for it in various cases. The fuel consumption of this engine under test conditions, which were not particularly strenuous, was around 13 km per liter.

The most powerful dual-propulsion engine, which comes in the fully equipped L&K version, naturally produces an entirely different thrust. It is not only very powerful, but very smooth and relaxed so the car gets very impressive ability with this engine. pleasure. However, the gearbox and the 4X4 system further distances the driver from the road feel and there is a certain sense of filter that appears to be placed between the driver and the systems and disconnects it.

Despite the smooth nature of the engine, the slow-anything response of the chalk in the early stages results in a short wait from a strong pressure on the pedal until a burst of power is suddenly reached. The 4×4 by the way prevents many of these stages from rolling the wheels. The fuel consumption with this engine was about 10.5 km per liter. Parliamentary conduct

The particular disconnect is also felt in the behavior. Is there any reason to look for a sporty and light character in a big family car? I suppose not so much, although some competitors do know how to give such a character. Superb is not really sporty; That character we mentioned in the comfort sections, the uplift and sunset restrained in acceleration and deceleration, and a certain bend sideways in the rounds, far outweighs the pointed nature demanded of sporting behavior. The steering is also good and even provides a bit of back-feed from the road, but there is still an artificial and slightly detached feel in its operation.

The particular complaints about the behavior don’t hurt the fact that the Superb is a very safe car in traffic. Its road grip is extremely high, even in complicated conditions. It is also easy to understand from this chassis what it is going to do and how much it can be pressed. You have to act irresponsibly to ‘lose’ its tail or the front. In this case, by the way, the driver will be handed over to the smart defense systems that will do what they know to prevent the accident. And they know. Luxury or not luxury?

Despite the powerful and suspension engines that make for a comfortable ride, and despite the large space inside, the Skoda Superb does not declare itself as a luxury car. Even in Skoda’s own descriptions of the car, the car’s qualities are not described in terms of luxury brands. So how is it that a non-luxury family car has become an ultimate singing car?

Perhaps right here is the essence of the Skoda Superb: this car is for those who want to enjoy the space and treats, without having to point out and say: “He drives a luxury car” and add “at our expense!” Or “And that’s when I barely close the month.”

The Skoda Superb provides quite a few features of the luxury world, but under a popular brand and design and non-luxury settings. After the facelift, Skoda Superb remained very spacious and comfortable, added design and materials refinements and most importantly, important technology components, especially in the safety areas, were installed from the best we met. And if you don’t want to be seen in a brand that is likely to create social turmoil, Superb, just like that black suit, seems tailor-made for you. Now nobody will bother if you stretch the curtain back. The Ford Edge’s facelift adds to the upper end of the offering the sporty ST version. With no direct competitors in its immediate and distant surroundings, it remains to be seen, who needs 330 horses in the SUV after Ford America announces that it will subtract its passenger cars with more or less the Mustang, and the company is making full use of everything it can get out of its supply – The crossovers and the jeeps. Even if it means going somewhere, almost no other popular maker has gone – to put a performance version on the Edge, know the Edge ST.

In the world of marketing call where it is white space The white space is where a company identifies an unanswered market segment and rushes to offer a product that will also be the first one and also meet this need that no one else answers. Europeans have this popular SUV slot and hold the Skoda Kodiak RS, but beyond their performance gap in the US market, the Skoda Edge ST is pretty much absent from this white space king. Big blue

The Edge’s facelift puts it at a great starting point for a hot performance version. The narrow illumination units, the huge octagon grill, wrapped in a very low spoiler, side skirts and rear diffuser with square exhausts, the dark windows from the top and 20-inch rims in the 50-section below and all painted deep blue in the test car – are a sporty looking thug.

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