Discount Bank

In March 2018, following the publication of the annual reports of Discount Bank in 2017, Asher-Topilsky referred to the fact that the managers of Discount’s subsidiaries enjoy a significantly higher salary compared with that. “I will not hide my opinion that the law is wrong and creates distortion,” she said. “The distortion can also be seen in the face of other industries in Israel and in the world.” “After many years in the financial system, I am pleased to embark on a new path in the FIMI fund and join the business-management activity in new areas of activity for me

The strategy proved itself

Asher-Topilsky (49) began her professional career as a strategic consultant at BCG Consulting in Chicago. From there she continued to Bank Hapoalim, where she served in several senior positions, including Deputy CEO, Head of Strategy and Head of the Retail Division, and rumors that she could take the position of CEO at Pinto’s place, if desired, but made it clear she was not interested in the job.

Asher-Topilsky’s term at Discount Bank is considered very successful, and during the period the bank recorded a significant improvement in its results. Many of the reasons for the positive change are related to the strategic plan that was formulated and led: This plan included, inter alia, an emphasis on improving efficiency at the Bank, increasing credit to the public in more profitable segments and strengthening the bank’s technological and digital aspects.

The fact that As-Topilsky managed to implement its strategy in the body like Discount is no small matter. Over the years, the Bank has suffered from administrative burdens, which stemmed largely from the great strength of the workers’ committee, but the CEO of Discount managed to overcome this obstacle, also due to the arrival of many veteran employees to retirement age.

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