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Today the company is not profitable – in 2018 the company lost $ 36 million, almost double the loss in 2017. In the first quarter of 2011 the company’s loss was $ 8 million, about half of the loss in the corresponding quarter.

The market for boiling food shipments: Amazon is raising $ 500 million in a British application
Amazon did not elaborate on the amount of investment in the British application Deliveroo. The total amount raised in the company totaled $ 1.53 billion

Deliveroo says the current round of financing raises it to $ 1.53 billion.

This is a company whose model works similarly to food applications that operate in Israel such as the Finnish Wolt or the Israeli Biss, which was acquired by Dutch ownership. Deliveroo charges 10% -20% of the restaurants and food business, while customers are required to pay about £ 3 per order.

After mediation: the prosecution in Israel was erased against Moshe Hogag and Blockkin Stokes
After mediation with retired Judge Hila Gerstel, Hogag and the Chinese investor Zon Ho, who sued him for NIS 17 million, agreed that the fair forum to discuss the suit is in Gibraltar and not in Israel. Under the mediation agreement, Hogg will pay the plaintiff $ 50,000

As reported in “Globes”, in a lawsuit that was filed in January this year, the Chinese plaintiff claimed that he was the victim of a “well-planned sting” led by Hogg, investing no less than $ 4.6 million in STX coins, of which $ 1.8 million In the STX issue and another $ 2.8 million in currency purchases after the IPO ended, and in view of Hogg’s commitments to investors in Stokes’ White Paper.

After the ICO, the Stokes (Nasdaq: STX) crypto coin traded around $ 1.2, but since its value has crashed, it is now only about 2 cents, according to CoinMarketCap.

As reported by “Globes” yesterday, the California court announced that it would review a motion to defer the $ 50 million lawsuit filed by Canadian Internet entrepreneur Adam Perez against a celebration and two of his partners in the Singularity Fund, Kazakh billionaire Kines Rakishev and Chinese- And Joseph Chen – a lawsuit first exposed in “Globes” a month ago. According to Hogag, the California court has no jurisdiction in this claim. The court announced that its decision on the matter would be accepted without the presence of the parties, and therefore the hearing on the case set for next Monday was canceled.

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