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The consideration to be paid will be used by Brack-NV to repay bank loans in the amount of € 92.6 million, as well as to repay an additional loan of $ 14.1 million. The transaction itself is not subject to material suspending conditions and is therefore expected to be implemented in the near future. According to Brack NV, the acquirer of the assets is a global venture capital fund.Brack NV is traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange at a company value of NIS 3 billion, after its stock recorded a negative adjusted yield of 8% in the past year.Israeli computing giants Hilan and MalamTeam continued to grow in 2018; Shares rose 120% in three yearsRevenues of MalamTeam exceeded NIS 2 billion for the first time – growth of 4.9% compared to 2017 • In 2018 growth in all sectors of activity was recorded, and annual revenues increased by 12% to NIS 1.5 billionComputer services companies Hilan and MalamTeam published financial statements this week that indicate revenue and profit growth in 2018, alongside a decrease in cash flow from operating activities.These are two companies that will reward investors well with their shares, with a similar jump of close to 120% in the last three years. Hilan’s market value is NIS 2.2 billion, and that of MalamTeam is NIS 1 billion.

In Malam Thim(43,620 + 0.83%)Last year surpassed NIS 2 billion for the first time, an increase of 4.9% compared to 2017.The company’s three operating segments grew in 2018: the software and projects sector grew by 15.9%, revenues of NIS 409 million, the outsourcing sector increased by 9.5% to NIS 436 million, and the payroll, human resources and long- The range grew by 4.2% to NIS 178 million. On the other hand, the largest sector – infrastructure (hardware) – posted a slight decline, with revenues of NIS 978 million. All operating segments of MalamTeam recorded a slight rise in operating profit, and the largest increase was in the payroll sector, where profit grew by 8.6% to NIS 45.4 million. EBITDA fell by 3.6% to NIS 130 million (annualized, excluding interest, taxes, depreciation

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