In each of these areas, it is possible to identify the groundbreaking companies that bring innovative solutions to the world, thereby benefiting from high growth rates and strong performance of their shares.Focusing on nine areas is not positiven an effort to identify the next stars that enjoy accelerated growth thanks to the emphasis on innovation, two years ago, Blackrock, the leading asset management company in conjunction with the Morningstar rating agency, launched the iShares Exponential Technologies ETF (XT).According to the prospectus, the fund focuses on nine areas of interest: Big Data, Network Communications, Robotics, 3D Printing, Nanotechnology, Brain Medicine, Bio-Informatics, Renewable Energy and Innovative Financial Services. In each sector, the fund examines the players with much greater innovation, along with a high level of dispersion among the fund’s representatives. This enables the fund to benefit from a variety of growth engines and to excel in comparison to the leading technology indices, led by a few giant companies, which contributed exceptionally to the performance of the Nasdaq index this year.

Since its launch in March 2015, the XT Fund has accumulated approximately $ 1.5 billion in assets, achieving an impressive return of 40% since its launch. Since the beginning of the year, the XT Fund has recorded a positive return of more than 30% – more than double the performance of the broader S & P 500 Index and even above the performance of the Nasdaq Index, which as aforementioned was affected this year by the performance of a small number of leading companiesn industry segmentation, the three leading sectors in the composition of the XT fund are technology (33% of total assets), health (26% of assets) and industry (14% of assets). Other prominent sectors are communications services (9% of the fund, mainly cloud services companies), finance (6% of the fund, mainly innovative companies) and consumption (5% of the fund).Geographically, 60% of the fund’s holdings are American companies, 33% are from Europe and 6% are from Asia-Pacific, so the fund provides global exposure that is not limited to the US market.

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