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The strategy in this case was to raise a very short period of a week’s gift site on a games site, where children can spend a lot of time studying arithmetic, reading preparation, preschool English and more.

The “Gift of the Week” appeared big on the “Before Lake” page, which means that anyone who wants to receive the benefit must click on Lake. The second time the user clicks on the page, the page is “sprawled”, and he arrives at another page where he receives a voucher and the next click on the page brings him to the site.Of course we started the low budget campaign and we wanted to measure it. The goal is to create lakes, but we took into consideration that there would be determined surfers who would like to redeem the voucher, because it is simply a few more steps that the user will exhaust before putting the voucher on the website itself on the registration page.

It is important to note that measuring success is reflected in the amount of likes per page rather than the amount of site signups. The client’s requirement was to increase the business page in a relevant audience (parents) towards the great freedom that comes.

Even though we were focused on likes and not on-site signups, the lightness of the campaign also brought people to the site who signed up and exercised the voucher and played the free games.

It was very exciting to see the conversion rate and to realize that even from Facebook, after a very long campaign, we were able to generate revenue. So we had lakes which is of course the first thing we wanted, we also had an incredible conversion from people who clicked on Lake, both came to the site and signed up. Apparently, the audience-level campaign segmentation we were targeting was extremely accurate!

We could of course direct the surfers directly to the site, give them the voucher already there within the gaming site, with room for a box where the voucher could already be entered and start playing for free inside the site without any hassle – for sure it would improve signups. But our goal was to produce lakes, and as a sub-goal, that people would redeem the voucher and later put in a credit card. That’s why we left the user on Facebook and let him go through all the steps that will contribute first to the page and then to the number of signups.Maya’s Secret – Facebook CampaignWhat I am trying to explain in all of these examples is that you have to be precise in campaigns that run, make clear definitions of steps to success and act accordingly. In some cases, all we want is for the campaign we invest in to get potential customers to call us, such a conversion is also considered, and you need to know how to make it happen.

For the likes, we need to make a budget dedicated only to this topic (at least in the initial phase). The work on conversions she actually knows, leaving details, or phone call is much different. Sometimes liking it is our demand, or that of the customer and we have to respect that. The difference in demand for conversion will be reflected in the ads themselves we create for the campaign, on the landing page to which all segmented surfers and their convenience will contact us, purchase, or alternatively – the added value we give them for Lake. This is the foundation of setting up a Facebook network campaign. How to produce quality Facebook ads “by the book”?

Title – The title should apply to the surfer in person. The more focused she is, the more intriguing she is. Sounds cliché, but it works. It is also desirable that the title be in the format of a question. Title like: 25 years old and still not working abroad? Can very successfully produce clicks for placement company overseas.

The body of the ad – should be made up of three parameters, which are the continuity of Google ads we know:

You should have an informative line to the ad describing the campaign and why we are good.

It is desirable to have a line of propulsion for action – “Take advantage of the moment and register!” This is what makes the line preventable from action.You can place a phone if it is relevant. A good phone for ads whose purpose is to create inquiries.Picture – The picture is the easiest thing to draw the eye through. No tricks are missing, each one and its creatives.

It is important to entice the surfer with a picture. Thinking about the surfer and what will pop into his eye. Men love beautiful women, more girls prefer “the luxury.” Figure out how to incorporate this in the image. There are also other elements on Facebook that cause the surfer to look sideways at the ad whether he is a man or a woman. In the following example we will see the use of red color for example:Jquery Facebook ad

Such an ad will catch the eyes of both men and women, because there is the use of the red color, which is the color of all the updates, alerts and messages we receive through Facebook. Many times you will come across ads with a red frame, it is just for this reason.Men awareness / women awareness – one more little extension

The following example is an ad promoting a Facebook business page. The page is the Queen’s Court page, which is recognized as a high quality and prestigious event hall in the south. The purpose of the ad is to contact women or men who are in or are engaged in relationship status, which puts them in a state of preparation for the wedding and checking out all wedding-related services. This is a very accurate segmentation that can reach super relevant people!Segmented ad for some users

* You should know – When creating a new ad we need to create an ad for women and an ad for men. Let ads compete with each other. The successful ad that will bring us likes easily will win and with it we can bring all the following likes to the page. Oh and yes, also one that will appeal to both of them together … We may be lucky and she will be the leader. In any case at first, you should check all options. In the women’s ad, the ad body will end with “Don’t compromise on quality !, in the men’s ad” Don’t compromise on quality! “So how do I create a campaign with ads and budgets?Now let’s see what we need to do to get a good, segmented ad with some important elements.Step 1 – Define how your ad will lookFacebook ad design

Destination – or in Hebrew “destination”, this is actually where we can choose. Link to an external site or external landing page that does not exist within Facebook. This is how we can actually choose a business page that we manage, Facebook gives it in our options to choose from.

Ad description – As for the description of the ad, the wheel need not be invented. You can always have some kind of flash that jumps to your head, and you have to apply that thing to your ad. Let’s just say a very short one word ad! And it doesn’t need more than that. That’s what gets you the most clicks and everything else worked less well. In any case if you do not deserve to be creative there is an existing format that works and the audience is quite disciplined as well as clicking on it. This is in the previous paragraph of ad creation. The wording of ads, continues the previous generation of Google wording.Type – If you select sponsored stories, a window will open where you can select types: ad statuses, who likes the page, and who likes the posts on the page Affiliate MarketingThe basic Affiliate Marketing concept is simple: you upgrade to a particular product or service of some affiliate program and add a link to purchase that product or service. Any user who purchases through your referral will earn you a sum of money that is derived from their shopping volume.

Paragon and referral can be done in many ways: on your blog, through Facebook, through a mailing list newsletter and if you want you can even use Google-sponsored promotion by building a Google Ads campaign that will direct users to the product pages you want to sell. It’s worth noting that even if your recommendation was on Company X’s new skimmer and the surfer who came your way to that company bought a Go Pro camera in general, buying is your credit and you will be rewarded for it.How to do it right?

Of course, it is possible to simply advertise products of companies that run affiliate programs, but in order for the passive income to be significant you should first brand yourself as experts in a particular field and then recommend relevant items. For example, gadget experts can create a blog that reviews interesting technological developments, offers comprehensive reviews of new products, and compares similar items – a direct link to a recommended gadget from such a blog that is exposed to many users may yield handsome amounts of money.

Another action that can increase your profits is unique offers – for example, a discount for those who come through your Facebook page and buy the item in question within 48 hours.

The internet is full of affiliate marketing options. Prominent platforms in the field: Wesell, which only offers Israeli products, veteran Sekindo, Clickbank, which specializes in digital products, and Amazon also has a program worth considering. Affiliate marketing is undoubtedly one of the leading distribution channels on the Internet and it is possible to earn a living from it.Web site building and promotion

A popular website can be a very successful rental property, and if you have a vast network of sites in different areas that you promote through different terms for placements in the first few pages of Google – you can certainly make money from it.

For example, you can promote a comprehensive content site that contains significant value-added information in aesthetic medicine. If you write comprehensive content articles with quality, informative content, with images and graphs that enrich it, and build the right links to it (like any client site you promote) – you can get high results on Google for keywords, earn traffic to your site and then convert it into money – you can sell Leads to cosmetic institutes and plastic surgeons. Quality is worth a lot of money to many business owners in a wide variety of fields, so the investment needed to build and promote your website can prove to be very smart and worthwhile. Areas that you should focus on if you want to build a web site for the purpose of selling leads are the areas where there is a demand for one-time, high-frequency service such as freight, locks, renovations and professionals in general. With a site that will rank in Google’s first results in such competitive phrases (each of which has thousands of searches per month), you can get tens and even hundreds of quality leads from “hot” customers who want service here and now. You can contact dozens of professionals in these fields and just sell them the leads. Sounds good? So now let’s talk about how to do it.How to do it right?

Well-differentiated site building requires attention to domain, storage (which is recommended to be done in separate IPs), design (it is highly desirable to use different templates), how to connect to Google Analytics (and especially not all of them under the same account), to the contact information on the site (we recommend using the Virtual phone numbers), links between sites (possible, but very carefully), images (must be used for different images for each site), and of course for content that must be unique.

The main emphasis of promoting Google on these sites in these cases is accurate characterization of the target audience – that is, users are more likely to perform the desired action so that the leads they sell will be of high quality.Passive IncomeSelling advertising space on your siteOf course, Google’s main source of revenue is advertising, and your site can also be an attractive advertising space through the Google Adsense service.

The main advantage of this passive revenue stream is that Google does a great deal of work for you and in particular adjusts the ideal ads based on the browsing characteristics of each user and the content you have on the site. The downside is that Google also divides you into profits. If you have a web network, the revenue potential of course increases, and in any case you should delve a little into finding the optimal ad positions on all pages on the site.You can sell space for advertising on your site not only through Google Adsense, but also in other avenues such as Outbrain and Tabula, but it is important to note that in order to meet their affiliate requirements, a high number of site visitors is required every month. Amazon product salesAn online store may become an excellent passive source of income. One option is to set up an independent store, preferably with the help of a professional web site construction company with experience in online commerce and promotion in Google, while another option is to sell products on Amazon.

The benefit is the high exposure potential, all over the world, thanks to being the number one online shopping site. Selling Amazon products does not require physical inventory, but professionalism is required. In any case, you can sell in-store items that you make or create yourself and others’products (an option called dropshopping).

Amazon’s search engine works similarly to Google’s search engine and looks for a match between the product name and description and the user’s search queries. Therefore, it is important to include in the product title the relevant keyword that has the highest number of searches and so in describing the same keyword and complementary phrases (long tail, bias, etc.). Of course, it is useful to incorporate marketing writing and motivate the users to take action, since in the end our goal is for them to purchase our product.

It is important to note that the price and customer reviews are also important in positioning the product in Amazon’s search results: the lower the price and the higher the number of reviews and the higher the score, the higher your product will be.

ConcludeWe’ve reviewed 4 options for generating passive income over the Internet, but of course there are other options. The Internet is a fertile ground for creativity and many revenue streams. Hope we have sharpened your options.Search ads continue to drive sponsored advertisingOf all the paid advertising channels, search ads continue to dominate hand in 2019; This is according to a report from Marin Software. Search ads account for 39% of total US and UK advertiser budgets.Additional paid advertising channels also receive the necessary push. Social media spend is on the rise, ranking second (18%) after search ads (third place display with 16%). About that, the biggest increase in advertising budgets is on Instagram (but not at the expense of other avenues, it should be noted).Additional findings from the report:

60% of advertisers plan to increase their Amazon advertising budget. 55% of advertisers started using Amazon because they were looking for new opportunities to expand.Google is the most trusted advertising channel – 98% of advertisers rated it 4 out of 5.84% of search advertisers intend to use / already use Google’s new search responsive ads.32% say video is the most effective ad on social media, followed by image ads (26%), Instagram stories (23%) and carousel ads (19%).Google has released a data set for WordPress

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