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I visited a free public bath, from which boiled steam (40 degrees) and a strong sulfur smell. Most people stood in the water and did not sit, scurrying around on a mobile phone or reading a book, which somewhat clouded the old idea of ​​social mingling. At a nearby stall they sold an appetizer: a bubbling egg, cooked in spring water and considered a delicacy. I avoided it because of the smell.

Speaking of gastronomy, this is an important part of culture, and Taiwan is considered a foodie paradise. A chunk of tangy flavors that left agricultural and culinary traditions developed into a beating food scene.

In Taiwan, it turns out, it is not customary to cook at home: the miniature apartments, many of which do not have a properly equipped kitchen, and the hard work culture leave no leisure. It is very hot to stay in apartments during the monsoon season, so the outdoor eating places have evolved, from the night markets as a cheap eating place and as a place of entertainment to gourmet restaurants. I chose to end with a description of two meals, which are not only delicious but reflect the fascinating spirit of Taiwan, and match my eyes for a visit to the museum. 3D meal: “La Petite Chef.” This meal must arrive on time, because it acts like a well-orchestrated concert. The Little Chef’s dinner is held in a restaurant called the Laboratory at the Regent Taipei Hotel, which is a truly psychedelic experience. This is a screening of animated videos in a dark space, where the dish appears in perfect timing on the plate and includes lobster, steak, goose liver and other delicacies served as an amazing visual experience.Space must be reserved in advance, and is limited to no more than 12 participants. Panasonic is the sponsor, but the startup is Belgian.Another unique gimmick gimmick: The massage at his spa is based on a combination of white oolong tea products. The experience begins with the treatment of a foot bath in tea extracts, and after a soothing massage, you are invited to stay in a bathtub soaked in tea bags and plants, from which pleasant scents arise.

Modern Toilette Restaurant in Taipei: Started as an ice-cream gimmick and became a cafe restaurant with a fun and fun concept. The seats are colorful toilets, in the center of the tables are sinks and in the center are stool-like ice cream. The drinks are served in variable cups, but in a colorful and form-fitting way, so there’s nothing nasty or appetizing.Because of the demand – sometimes there are queues at the entrance and dozens of curious people taking pictures on the toilet or bath – at least one serving must be ordered. The restaurant ranks high on the city’s list of attractions and has long gone viral on social networks around the world.Practical informatiFlights: There is no direct flight from Israel to Taiwan. It is common to fly to Hong Kong and continue from there. Among the airlines also include EL AL, Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa, but the cheapest flight is not the fastest and so if you cumulatively reach 23 hours of destination, you should consider the cost versus benefit. Cathay Pacific operates a daily flight from Israel to Taiwan with a stopover at its Hong Kong base, which until recently was on a $ 888 deal. It is worth following other offers in the future. From Hong Kong, it has about 23 flights a day to various cities in Taiwan. Against the uncertainty of the markets: Gold has completed a 15% rally in the last 12 monthshe gold price completes a 15% rise over the past 12 months amid uncertainty after the G20 summit and despite renewed talks with the Chinese, while the US threatens European tariffs • 10-year US government bond yield declines Below 2% of gold contracts are now climbing 1.4% above the $ 1,428-ounce level, which is a 7.5% increase over the past month alone. In the last 12 months, precious metal has seen a 15% increase – which would have been encouraging if it were not a commodity considered a crisis in times of crisis.

Mostly, gold is not seen as an investment but as an asset that guarantees value retention during difficult times. Today, geopolitical tensions with Iran, along with China-US trade tensions that are expected to accompany us later this year despite “renewal of talks”, seem to succeed in revitalizing precious metal trading at a record level of more than 5 years. At a record level, macro data released last week indicated continued slowdown in economic activity. For example, the ISM Institute of Manufacturing’s US Manufacturing Index, which has fallen less than expected, has fallen to its lowest level since the end of 2016. Earlier, China posted weak data for the sector. The industry, as well as the PMI among the EU countries, indicated a contraction in economic activity.After the G20 summit that ended last weekend, when Trump and his Chinese counterpart agreed to stop reciprocal tariffs, nothing seemed to change from last year, even then the G20 summit was “good,” but after a few months we witnessed relationship escalation , Lifting caps, and sharp declines in markets, in what will be remembered as the bitter December. Most of the controversy concerns intellectual property and nothing new has been published in this regard.Beyond that, Trump has continued to fuel the front with Europe, threatening EU tariffs. On the one hand, it seems that for the US president, managing the trade dispute is better than arriving at a solution, whether in the Chinese arena or the one that is being run, rather than today, vis-à-vis Europe. In such a situation, while the yield on the 10-year US government bond is currently falling below 2% (1.93%), it is not surprising that gold enjoys great attractiveness as it provides confidence to investors in days of uncertainty. In the G20 it has been proven: “Americans don’t have a strong position against China”

According to Alex Jabzinski, chief economist at Meitav Dash, “the fact that the parties are returning to negotiations indicates that neither side at this stage wants to escalate a confrontation which is a reassurance signal to the markets” • However, “despite the Chinese belligerent statements came out of the meeting with achievements in their hands” Financial markets today are more responsive to the results of the G20 than the weak macro data released this morning in China and Europe: Asia indexes up about 2%, Europe’s Dax jumps back into bullish territory, and Wall Street futures futures signal sharp rises in the opening.The fact that the parties are returning to negotiations indicates that neither side at this stage wants to escalate a confrontation, which is a reassurance signal to the markets,” wrote Alex Jabzinski, chief economist of the best investment house Dash, at the same time. “However, the uncertainty affecting economic activity continues. For an indefinite period. The fact that the parties did not announce that they were close to an agreement leaves a threat that any time the negotiations could again reach a deadlock, which would impose tariffs and other sanctions and a significant deterioration in Chinese economic forecasts came out of the meeting with achievement in hands (return to negotiations, deferral of tariffs, rebates to Huawei ), Americans with much less. This indicates that the US (US president) has no strong position in the confrontation with China, despite the warlike statements, and there may even be an advantage to the Chinese, “Jabzinski added.

Regarding the positive initial reaction of the stock market to the resumption of negotiations, Jabzinski said, “it is not certain that it will last beyond the short term. The uncertainty affecting economic activity in the past two months, as expressed in various data, has in fact not changed. The rates that already exist continue to affect activity. The chances of lowering the Fed’s interest rates, as they existed before the meeting, “Jabzinski concluded.Earlier today, weak macro data were published, indicating a decline in economic activity in the eurozone, particularly in the United Kingdom, where production activity fell to a low since 2013. Earlier in China, the PMI indicated a contraction in economic activity, and in Germany the PMI also indicated Deepening the contraction of economic activity Foresight shares jumped 45%: signed a cooperation agreement in ChinaForesight shares continue to recover “Fly in a huge cycle, completing almost 100% increase in two weeks • The company operates in the field of computer vision systems for automobiles and road accident prevention1.77 -2.75%)123.9 -3.43%)Continues her recent recovery. The stock jumped 45% on a huge turnover on Sunday, completing a nearly 100% increase in two weeks.The company, which operates in the field of automotive computer vision systems and road accident prevention, reported this weekend that it has signed a multi-stage technology cooperation agreement with a Chinese sub-supplier (Tier One) for the automotive industry, to develop smart transport solutions for the Chinese car industry, and in particular to two manufacturers Chinese car.Under the agreement, Foresight will partner with the subcontractor to design, develop and commercialize autonomous safety solutions that will be installed in vehicles from Chinese automakers.

“The sub-supplier is currently involved in several projects with automakers in China to integrate autonomous functions. The collaboration agreement may allow Foresight to integrate the company’s computer vision system, QuadSight, into existing projects.”The Chinese sub-supplier will purchase a prototype for the QuadSight system to test the system’s capabilities and adapt it to the various projects. Foresight estimates that revenue from the prototype system sale is expected to reach tens of thousands of dollars.The company also notes that “Based on the results of the system and technology examination, as well as the specific requirements of the Chinese car manufacturers, the sub-vendor will formulate a detailed work plan to develop a specific project integrating the system. After completing the work program, Foresight and the sub-supplier negotiate a commercial agreement for sharing – Action on the specific project. “In addition, the two companies decided to approach the innovation authorities, each in their own country, for financing projects in accordance with the government-financing plan between Israel and China. However, Foresight emphasizes that “the realization of the projects does not depend on funding from the innovation authorities.” Foresight was established by CEO Haim Siboni (holds about 23% of the capital) in 2015. The company joined the stock exchange in January 2016, after completing a merger into the Asian skeleton company skeleton. Investors in its first capital raising were Isaac Lubinsky Group of Isaac Manor , Importer of Peugeot and Citroen cars; Isaac Suare, Allied Chairman, who owns Champions Motors, Audi Importer, Seat, Volkswagen and Skoda; And Guy Attributed, Porsche Franchisee. In addition, Itzik Schramm, Prof. Bened Goldwasser and the British Investment Fund also participated in the same fundraising.

About a year ago, the company raised another NIS 45 million from Harel Insurance and Finance Company, the best lapel, peaks and other investors, through share allocations at a price of NIS 2.05 per share. Since the last fundraising to date, Foresight has dropped 40%.Siboni noted today, “Working closely with a sub-vendor will allow us to gain a foothold in the growing Chinese market and help us access our advanced computer vision technology to the local Chinese car industry. This agreement will give us the opportunity to be part of ongoing projects and work directly with car manufacturers.”About a week and a half ago (June 19), Foresight announced the signing of a commercial agreement with Elbit Dry Systems, a subsidiary of Elbit Systems, for the exclusive marketing of the QuadSight system, for use in the defense, semi-military and home security markets (Homeland Security).At Elbit they intend to integrate ForSight’s image processing software into its products and market it in Israel and worldwide. The system will be embedded in military and security ground vehicles, including unmanned vehicles.Elbit will have the exclusive right to market and sell ForSight’s image processing software in Israel for a number of years. This is in return for a commitment to a minimum amount of annual bookings during the exclusivity period, including a $ 50,000 initial order.Foresight will also provide Elbit support and maintenance services for an additional fee. Foresight also expects to receive more material value through future development agreements to adjust its current software version to changes as required by Elbit or its customers. Ahead of the G20 Summit – Manuchin: We were 90% close to completing a trade agreement

Ahead of the summit between US President and Chinese counterpart at the G20 summit, CNBC incorrectly quoted US Treasury Secretary as saying “We are 90% close to signing the trade agreement” – and global markets have reacted • After a few hours, the network issued an amendment: Mnuchin said ” We were “in the past tense – and the increases slowed downAhead of Trump’s G20 summit meeting in two days, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin was quoted on CNBC on Wednesday as saying that the US and China are 90% close to signing a trade agreement.The report, which jumped the indices in the capital markets around the world, sounds familiar to some devout readers, and not for good reason. Last April, Menuchin was quoted as saying exactly the same sentence: “We have gone 90% of the way to finalize the trade agreement,” Menuchin was quoted as saying.About three hours after the report, CNBC issued an update with a small but very substantive amendment: Mnuchin spoke in an interview today in the past and referred to the same statement from April, saying the parties were within touching distance of a trade agreement signing. I mean, there is nothing new since then, neither officially nor behind the scenes. Increases in indices in Europe have weakened slightly, as have New York futures.Be that as it may, Manuchin added today that he is confident that Trump and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jifinig, could record progress in Japan’s summit meeting this week. “The message we want to hear is that they want to go back to the discussion table as this is a good result for both economies.”

Similar statements like these have been made by the US administration quite a bit this year by Trump himself. Market economists comment on such statements as those fueling the indices, while the Chinese are expected to return to the summit only two days later after a lengthy disconnection, and it is unclear whether this will continue.Last Friday, Vice President Mike Pence said there were signs of progress in talks with China, but there were no official talks between the parties. Even earlier, President Trump said he was expected to hold an “extended meeting” with the President of China. The use of the word “extended” should provide an indication that there is still much to be talked about between the two, but the market estimates that the Chinese will not accept the demands of the Americans on the core, the core of the dispute – the intellectual property, when in terms of Chinese technological independence is superior to fair competition. The June 28 summit in Osaka, Japan, is expected to bring the full attention of investors and the world. “If the G20 leaders’ meeting brings a new round of US-China trade talks, even if temporarily, it could bring the timing of the upcoming US interest rate cut, at 25 bp, to September rather than July,” Bank Leumi economists wrote: “If the path to halting the rate hike is not successful, this will create a real challenge for the US bond market, which will have to deal with complex questions of the Fed’s interest rate policy in the face of rising inflation.”

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