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What’s more, human behavior works for hours on Wetsap, too, and it allows Pike News to distribute quickly. A particularly striking example, from July 2018, was in India, where a woman in Lynch was murdered for false rumors circulating in Wetsap. India is Wattsap’s biggest market, and the authorities have pressured the company to deal with the Pike News. WhatsApp limited the number of people you could send messages to, and also marked messages that were passed from user to user.WhatsApp is expected to change in the coming years, and Facebook plans to make major changes to it that will add many uses to it, including the ability to transfer payments. WhatsApp may be an essential part of Facebook’s move out of the social networking domain and become a super app. Of course, with this comes concerns about information privacy, in an app that has become such an integral part of our lives. It will be interesting to see how this will affect the brand in the years to come. Microsoft33 in the overall rankingWent out in the public interestLast December, there was a protest against women violence in Israel. Microsoft has initiated a video in which women appeared in senior positions in the industry and abroad in which they addressed the issue. Among other things, in the video Erna Berry, the former chief scientist who also held senior positions in the high-tech industry, said that she had suffered domestic violence incidents. Microsoft’s initiative came several months after it was one of the first companies to announce that it would give its employees NIS 60,000 in funding for the surrogacy process, as part of the LGBT protest in those days.These two moves are part of a change Microsoft has undergone in Israel, under Assaf Rappaport’s management, and worldwide, since Satya Nadella has been named CEO.

You don’t have to be very old to remember the criticism Microsoft suffered in the 1990s and early 2000s, because of its aggressiveness in the browser market. In those days, Microsoft was considered the most evil player around. Today, being the world’s largest market capitalization company, the sentiment towards it is quite different.While Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon are criticizing their conduct and excessive power, Microsoft remains almost uncontrolled. Microsoft is trying to show that it no longer only cares about the bottom line, but the community it operates in and its customers. That is, not only do most people use the Windows operating system, they do not take advantage of it for gathering and using information, such as selling advertising. Crisis pursuing crisisOne of the best symptoms of Facebook’s events over the past two years is how employees perceive the company – a survey last October and its findings in the Wall Street Journal found that 50% of employees said they believe Facebook makes the world a good place More, compared to 69% a year earlier. 70% of employees said they take pride in working on Facebook, compared to 87% in the survey ahead.It’s hard to be surprised – Facebook is in one of the most difficult periods of its history, a crisis-ridden crisis, and the company is criticizing privacy issues, the impact of social networking on politics, its inability to deal with Pike News and troubled videos and more. Visitors include former senior executives at the company, including one of the company’s founders Chris Hughes, founders of Wetsap and others. Did it reduce Facebook usage? probably not. Although the company has difficulty growing in Western countries, it is also related to the large number of users of the company in these countries.

On Facebook, they realize that the discourse against them is negative, and they have even changed tactics – they have stopped resisting regulation, but are urged not to dismantle the company.About a month ago, Facebook introduced the initiative to launch a new digital currency it has developed, Libra. The coin, which works in conjunction with dozens of the world’s leading entities such as Uber, Spotify and MasterCard, will begin operating next year. This has raised concerns among many in the world about Facebook’s entry into the sensitive payment world, but on the other hand – for PR or not – Facebook has formulated a joint venture in which it tried to meet the expected criticisms. That is why a coalition of companies was also organized around the retail. The retailers are preparing for entry into Israel.For many years the Israeli public is waiting for an international giant to enter the relatively small Israeli market and bring in a new line, either in the form of competitive prices or in the form of a consumer and service experience. To date, giants such as Walmart, Cusco or Carrefour have refrained from entering the small and local market in character, but now Amazon seems to be changing that reality in a matter of weeks.About three months ago, Amazon, the online trading giant Jeff Bezos founded, took its first step toward entering retail operations in Israel, approaching local sellers and urging them to sell merchandise through a dedicated platform. Since then, she has been in frantic meetings and training for players in all areas aimed at increasing the supply on her site ahead of the expected launch, alongside collaborations with the big banks.Amazon’s tactics in Israel rely on two complementary principles: one – to operate as quietly as possible and under the radar, just not to annoy anyone. The second is to schedule the moves and embroider them so that the local regulators are not set up.Amazon’s trading activity in Israel may not have a local face yet, but its people collect retail, journalistic and political information all the time. In the meantime, they are doing it from Berlin, with a local Israeli team running away and expected to soon conduct operations from here.

How powerful is Amazon? As of this writing, it trades at $ 993 billion, and operates in addition to the retail trade arena through physical stores such as the organic supermarket chain it has acquired – Hall Foods, or stores itself, such as Amazon Go. In addition, it has revenue from third-party seller sales made through its website, cloud services and paid subscriptions to its membership club – Amazon Prime.

Amazon’s uniqueness is in its customer perception and the high standards it sets in terms of service level, which also forces its competitors to align accordingly. For example, the company recently announced that it has been shortening its shipping range to paying subscribers from two days to just one day, and has been trailing retailers around the world. In Israel, too, its effect on competitors seems likely to be dramatic.In Israel so far, regulators seem to embrace the online giant’s entry as an available solution to the cost of living problems, but in other countries regulators are already following its moves. My peak54 in the overall rankingApple first switched to selling smartphonesIn recent years, there has been a change in the global smartphone industry, which is also gaining prominence in Israel – Chinese devices have improved significantly and the fact that they are cheap compared to Apple and Samsung’s leading devices has sometimes made them more profitable in terms of cost-effectiveness, depending of course on each consumer’s priorities (though Samsung and Samsung Pulling out cheaper devices than before).This trend is leading Chinese to challenge Apple and Samsung in terms of device sales, and last year Highlights first overtook Apple in device sales. It also seems that when consumers pay a price that seems reasonable and lucrative to them, they are ready to absorb imperfect devices. Contrary to, for example, devices that cost NIS 4,000 or more, whose consumers are far less patient with malfunctions – and Apple and Samsung did not necessarily meet those expectations. However, it is impossible to ignore the fact that Samsung’s brand has also been strengthened, and even took first place in technology.

This process was also reflected in the entry of brand indexes, after missing the list last year. This probably also contributed to the opening of a second store in Israel, in Kryon, as well as the sale of the company’s products in other areas – for example, a vacuum cleaner (“Dyson for the poor”), and a scooter that gained momentum before the cooperative scooters began operating. Aggressive salesmen and confused customersAbout 90% of the customers who come to me come in hysteria and the feeling that their entire world is being ruined, to me it is actually amusing. Because marketing a business is a simple matter if you know your goals and objectives and you have an action plan that will actually form your future roadmap. Even if your destination looks big and far in the beginning.If we break it down into small stages and goals, then the big goal will soon become small stages in the process of making it easier to achieve them, with every few small goals being another landmark on the way to achieving the desired goal.What is the source of customer hysteria?The source of the hysteria stems from the flood of information that washes customers. Starting with media layout, organic SEO, Google-sponsored promotion, an unprecedented promise that will lead them to the first page of Google in the opening quintet and it’s all less than seventy. And if possible, they will conquer the first result in Google if they increase the budget in a few hundred shekels. One company offers promotion and advertising for a certain amount and another company offers four times, so in the end they will probably succeed in driving the customer crazy.In this post we will cover advertising on one of the largest media channels that exist on the network today and is advertising on Facebook. Facebook’s advertising system has the best segmentation capabilities in the online advertising industry and the best monitoring capabilities.Facebook currently has 3.2 million active users in the country, making it the largest source of traffic on the Israeli Internet. If you want to run an online campaign, spend your budget where there’s a lot of traffic, and quality traffic.

For example, a site of photo galleries with 300,000 active users a month (photographers portal for that matter) would not help me promote my photography store if 99% of its traffic is due to people looking at the nude photo category on the site and thus ending their interest.In such a situation, a campaign that we want to run on the same site will be very costly and ineffective because we will pay for huge visibility without any segmentation of the target audience. The effectiveness we generate from that campaign will certainly be less than the simple reason that the target audience is irrelevant to us.Everything you wanted to know about Facebook marketing and didn’t dare askOn Facebook it is very easy to manage a marketing move and measure it by return on investment (ROI).There are more aggressive Facebook activity moves that include a dedicated Facebook page design, a business profile strip, a page wall panorama, regular breaking news, promotions, apps, games, and the like. To sum up, this is really a very expensive wedding, which starts at about NIS 15,000 for the first three months.And if these are physical engagement campaigns, which is also beyond virtual engagement (for example, Frigg’s campaign with smiles), the investment can also reach several hundred thousand in the first three months!Frigg’s Facebook campaignAnd of course, after we already have a page with likes and comments and articles on the web, we have to keep updating it all the time because we may not have done the campaign for free. So now we also have to commit to the friends who made us like and update them regularly. God forbid that Facebook see that the page has stopped updating, and lower the ratings it gives to our posts.This kind of campaign does not necessarily guarantee us that all the members of the page that made us like it will get the statuses we wrote on the wall, it will not happen unless Facebook does not let that happen naturally according to its criteria for success.

This type of marketing procedure is relevant to a company that wants to brand itself, to answer its customers through the Facebook page. But creating a conversion for sales or leaving details can come much later. This is why the main purpose of the strategy is to establish a “customer service / news channel” of the advertising company.It is very possible that only with the updating of the page’s status, the people listed on the page will be exposed to their brand name and character. If they someday consider purchasing one or the other product, the company will sell them and belong because the brand exposure time was long.Many big companies like: Frigate, Barn, Coca, etc. will run such “aggressive” campaigns on Facebook, not because they really believe in Facebook – these are because they want to overwhelmingly announce “We are here and we are here to stay.”Facebook marketing focuses on conversions for companies and small businesses If we concentrate on targeted marketing and we want a targeted audience and a targeted marketing budget for instant revenue, Facebook Ads Advertising is the perfect system for us. It is very effective because it has a system with the highest segmentation capabilities, which can help us reach a segmented audience Because of this, Facebook immediately becomes a marketing channel with which we can reach a potential audience. Or in other words – the tool that will provide us with effective measurement and segmentation of our target audience that will lead to more accurate marketing moves

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