Best 12 tips for a perfect photo!

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Practice in front of the mirror:
Find the right angle to shoot in front of the mirror or facing a camera on the winning pose, changing the angle of the neck can make you look thinner or taller, practice your smile and perfect pose.

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Love Instegram or facebook? want More lot of LIKE and Followers? Then you will love this article! I bet you don’t know most of these behind the scenes stories and trivia. Plus there are great photos and a video at the end!

Photographed at the right time
The best time to shoot outside is an hour before sunset or an hour after sunrise, when sunlight is gentle and beautiful. If you want natural light in the picture, go for “golden time”.

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Photographed at the beginning of the event and not at the end:
If you come to a wedding, party or event, it is better to be photographed at the beginning when the hair looks good, the clothes are arranged and the alcohol has not yet entered the system. After a few beers, the picture will look quite different …

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Learn the trick of Hollywood stars:
When you are photographed along, you can use the method of Hollywood stars that always works well. Hollywood stars and stars have a winning pose that can not be bad, women put their right hand on their hips and put their right leg forward, and men stand with their feet shoulder width and put their hands in their pockets. With or without a look to the camera, this is a perfect pose.

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Take care of your facial skin:
To keep the face glowing, we must keep our skin young and fresh. Clean it with facial soap every night, apply face cream before bedtime. You will also enjoy a pleasant facial appearance even beyond the time of the photograph.

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Hold something:
To look natural and relax in photography, try to grab something like a bouquet or a bottle of water. In this way, the image will look more natural and reliable, and you will be able to focus on the object rather than the pose and reduce the stress associated with the photograph.

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Do not take photos from below:
Always try to choose from above, from below or from a right angle. Shooting from the bottom, especially a face shot, will make you look more fat and show flaws in your face. On the other hand, a photograph from above will obscure all of these.

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Choose an interesting location:
The location of the picture is no less important than who appears in it. Choose a special, colorful background that will accentuate your beauty and fit into your clothing colors or match your hair and eyes color.

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You may say no:
If you do not feel that you look good, the picture definitely will not come out well. Choose to be photographed only when comfortable and comfortable with your body. It’s okay to say no to the camera, it’s no excuse not to be photographed, but do not be shy to say sometimes.

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Close your eyes slightly:
When we take pictures, especially if mixed with flash, we tend to open the eyes wide without noticing. Squeeze them a little to avoid the effect of the cat against the headlights. 

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Be relaxed:
When you strain, you see it in pictures. Do not strain your stomach or find the perfect smile, just release your body and smile naturally. You are the most beautiful when you are relaxed.
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