Aqua’s technology

cases, the applications themselves need separate environments without interference from other applications, so it is common to run them on separate virtual operating systems. However, the running of an entire operating system is wasteful in resources, and so recently have entered into wider and wider use of containers. They separate the applications, as if each application is the only one that runs on the same operating system even if hundreds of applications run on it simultaneously.The second change is the increase in the serverless environment. Developers need to take into consideration the resources needed to run the software or service, and ensure that the infrastructure meets these needs and continue to maintain them on an ongoing basis. The dismantling of the servers for the containers and the creation of a dynamic environment make this a very complex task. As a result, in recent years more and more cloud providers have been providing serveral services, where server and infrastructure maintenance is fully automated by cloud providers, and has been given to developers as a service.

The third change, resulting from these developments, is a change in the way the applications themselves are developed. Along with the process of the fruits of infrastructures for containers, there is a similar process of dismantling the applications: from one monolithic application to many micro-services, each of which stands alone and communicates with the others to perform tasks. The fourth change stems from the ability to break down the programming work into micro services, which is a change in the work structure of the technology companies. Today there is an increase in the world of the DP-OPS – a connection between the worlds of development and operations, in a way designed to speed up the development of the software through its dismantling into parts, each of which has a clear business function. Because each part is built separately, both development and operational software updates are done quickly, as part of the work of the DP-Oops.Send me the most important things that happened this week Unlike security solutions that suit fixed working environments, Aqua’s technology is capable of identifying dynamic containers and environments. It connects to the work environment of the desktops and knows how to identify more from the production stage, in addition to the application running stage, where there is sensitive information and whether it is secure. The Company identifies both the proper behavior of the applications, as defined by the DPOs, and the permissions of the entities in the organization, and can alert you of unusual behavior or unauthorized access.

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