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iHerb stands at 10%, up to 5% and Basus up to 4%. Israel Post also launched a cashback site called Postcashback that offers a refund ranging from 1% to 8%, and up to 6% with Express owners.

After accumulating a predefined amount on the sites (e.g. NIS 50 in Cashdo or NIS 100 in Cashback), you will receive the money into the PayPal account, bank account or a debit card offered by the mail. Addicts can really consider issuing a credit card that gives regular discounts. For example, the Isracard Ali Ali Express card is offered to buyers on the Chinese site in accordance with its regular uses, including shipping cost benefits. In addition, Leumi Card offers the Payback card and has the Fixnet card – both of which operate in a cashback mechanism. Direct import or American address?More and more international sites have opened up the possibility of shipments to Israel, such as the Nike World Cup, Sports Direct or the luxury Mont-Blanc site, and Amazon has also seen an increase in sellers offering shipment to Israel. And still, if there is a product you wanted to buy, and it was not shipped to Israel, know that there is an option to ship through an American address – which, by the way, can also cut costs.

Just this week, Amazon announced free shipping within the US with no minimum purchase and in just two days, so even if you find a seller shipping to Israel, it’s worth checking if it’s worth shipping for free to a US address and here. Notice: Shipping costs for a standard 2kg package cost about $ 15-25 with express shipping.

Also, on the occasion of this month’s shopping celebration, the sites that offer shipping via American Shipping are out on offer, including USHOPS which offers 40% off shipping of 5kg packages. The other sites, such as shipto, Shipo and Dealtas, are expected to advertise their shopping holidays This coming week so worth following.Recommendation: Before ordering, it is advisable to check whether it is worthwhile to send the package to a US address for free and pay for express delivery to Israel.By sea, air or land: Which shipping option should you choose?Most sites offer several ways to ship. The first consideration for most of us is the price, so the free mail option is preferred and popular but doesn’t have to be chosen automatically. Ronen Simji, CEO of Volcanic Customs and International Shipping, offers to consider each purchase and each product which shipment is the most lucrative. For example, the value and weight of the package should be taken into account and whether to choose the most expensive home delivery or maybe It is possible to settle for delivery to delivery centers in lockers, convenience stores, etc., which he says have “improved wonders in light of the demands of sites from abroad”.Another option offered by some sites is nighttime delivery and package leave at the door (which is done by the newspaper distributors). Here comes the consideration of shipping cost savings that suits packages whose contents are not too expensive. Also, if you are not pressured to receive the package, and especially if it is large items – shipping by sea is admittedly slow but much cheaper.

Guy Fisher from Ella Systems’ Fisha company, also offering a solution that will prevent shipping failures through prediction, suggests not automatically choosing the default shipping option and checking when buying whether the seller offers shipping based on package weight. “Some sites offer a general shipping criterion of up to 2kg, but if the weight of the package you bought is only half a pound, and you can choose a shipment where the price is weight-adjusted – the payment will be lower.”He also suggests looking into the possibility of tracking the parcel delivery and finding out the responsibility of the forwarder, especially when it comes to a relatively expensive product.Recommendation: Do not automatically choose a shipping option, but rather check which one is most affordable.Need an electronic device? Don’t wait for Cyber ​​MondayThere is a misconception that Cyber ​​Monday lowers prices on unsold products in Black Friday,” says Ben Eli. According to him, “The stock of the products at the big discount (even those at Los Leader, that is, sold at a loss) is limited, and I suggest anyone looking for home appliances like TVs or home theater systems to focus on Black Pride, because the product probably won’t stay in stock. Not at the initial floor price. The demand these days is great for supply, and most sites come out with all the ammunition already on Black Friday. “Most sites pre-publish the list of discounts on some of the products so that they can be prepared ahead of time, and some even the product in the shopping list, and it will wait for you until the sale begins.

Recommendation: Electronics buy on Black Friday and not just the major sites.This will prevent the package from being lostMore than 95% of parcels arrive via Israel Post. Hundreds of employees are going through a package-package, and in order for it not to be sent to Kiryat Shmona instead of Jerusalem or lost along the way, our mission – the buyers – is to provide our company with the best possible information.

According to Danny Goldstein, CEO of Israel Post, 99.99% of the time, there are no glitches and the package will reach its original destination. Your phone number However, even if you followed exactly the instructions, your package may still reach your destination or other recipient. Walk around the Amazon website: We visited the new online shopping giant concept storeA real-time digital price update and classification by user demand, along with a DNA test for a dog or a Chubaka doll for collectors – this is what Amazon’s new store in the heart of the SoHo neighborhood of New York looks like. New brand – “Amazon 4-star” – which includes products that have been rated over 4 stars on the company’s website. That is, only the best as Amazon customers and its algorithm define it. Despite the basic premise, the store also has products that do not meet the 4-star rating criteria, but come from recommended sellers, current trends or simply new ones.The store is located in the heart of New York’s busy SoHo neighborhood and looks like a diminutive and cramped version of Duty Free. It has about 1,800 products that are divided into general categories such as home, electronics, games, or books, which are featured in topics such as hiking, pets, gifts for under $ 25, elementary kids or quirky kitchen products. Other products are categorized using a method known to those who purchase in the online store such as “often buy together,” “wish list,” or “trendy in the New York area.” In total, the average rating of products in the store stands at 4.4 stars, and they collectively received 1.8 million 5-star ratings. The products have a digital price that is updated in real time up to 5 times a day, a kind of dynamic pricing in a brick store (although I stared at some of them and couldn’t catch a product whose price has changed). Alongside the prices, a small paper sign also shows user reviews from Amazon.com.This is Amazon’s third store in New York, after opening two bookstores in recent years. Amazon also has 13 health food chain supermarkets in the city of Hall Foods in the city, but none of those points of sale are pushing its “4-star” subscription plan. This is Amazon’s Cow Milk, with 100 million subscribers worldwide paying $ 12.9 a month (or $ 119 a year) for the option to receive free or fast shipping. The 4-star highlights the price differentials between prime and non-subscribers who can get up to 40%, offering a host of joining positions with 30-day free membership. Just like a club card lobby in Mashbir.

Most of the products are very well-known such as a vacuum cleaner rumba, a Harry Potter Lego or a Kitchen Aid mixer; Some are very specific like a DNA test for a dog or a Chubaca doll for collectors. A sort of random taste of Pitchfax, an almost chaotic collection, which feels a bit like walking around the Amazon site itself: toasters next to wireless headphones, books by cards – a variety that can entice mostly impulsive buyers rather than those looking for a specific product. More than thousands of products huddle on the shelves like soldiers in store walls, Amazon’s private label is taking center-stage tables. Proportionally disproportionate in space, just like the site. Thus, there is a whole area devoted to products that work with Alexa, other to its own developments such as Fire TV, Pike Stick, Kindle, tablets, a line of eco products (speakers and smart cameras) and the Amazon Basic series such as cable chargers and adapters. Part Three is dedicated to Ring Gadgets, a startup that Amazon has purchased.However, anyone looking for a selection will find it difficult to find it in this store. The choice is limited to one product in the category that carries an uncompetitive price, sometimes even stupidly expensive. In some ways, the opposite of what Amazon offers in its online store with its 400 million products. So as far as simplifying the purchase process is concerned, the store is an awkward essence of the company’s spirit.Wisdom of the masses or a fertile pillow for fakes?Amazon obviously did not invent this format. The US has Target, Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond that offer exactly the same thing with just over a thousand more selections. In the country, the store can be compared to the Enter or Soho (Soho) branch. The idea of ​​building a store around product ratings sounds reasonable, and Amazon’s system of ratings and reviews is used to help consumers make better decisions about the product and the merchant. The problem is that Amazon is in the midst of rating inflation: while the average rating is up On a site of 3.9 stars, samples showed that only 4.9% of products have a star, while 59% have five. While customer review has become an integral part of the process of consuming products and services, so too does the method of forging them in massive quantities, especially in light of the fact that there are companies today whose sole purpose is to produce positive and negative reviews for various products on Amazon and – The extent of the phenomenon is so severe that a case has recently emerged in which an Amazon employee received a bribe to delete reviews.

Did not enjoy technological advancementAmazon operates 4 convenience stores (Amazon Go) that does not have one cashier, and it plans to open another 3,000 by 2021. But the small Soho store did not enjoy such a technological advance. Instead, the form of payment is an Amazon backed-up application. This means that the customer has to open the app, scan the QR (2D bar code – VA) for the products he wants to purchase – which creates a unique QR that the cashier scans – and that is what the buying process is all about. You can also pay with a credit card, just note that the store does not accept cash, an annoying but accepted method in the area.The space-filling sellers spend most of their time explaining to customers how the store works. Whether they pay attention to both prices on the products (full retail price and prime price), to accompany them through the prime program signup process, or to guide them on the purchase and billing method.Americans in general and New Yorkers in particular, don’t really need a guide at independent payrolls. You can find them everywhere today – from pharmacies, convenience stores and even a neighborhood dim sum restaurant. But customers who fill Amazon’s 4-star are not city residents, but tourists who roam the dozens of brand stores in the area, and even some who have bothered and come especially to see the store. Looking at the way the store is designed, this visitor movement seems to be exactly the intention. As if the store is a display space for the company’s products and is designed to bring together those random tourists and consumers to the hardware under development. Forbes 400 Rank: Bezos ousted Gates first place

Enter Forbes’ list of 400 riches jumped thanks to the tide of the US stock market and stood at $ 2.1 billion this year. Placement received Sheldon Adelson and Len Belvetnik • The number of women on the list has risen to 57 for the first time since 1994, a new name on Forbes’ 400 Rich American list. Jeff Bezos founder and CEO of Amazon put an end to Bill Gates’ 24 years in first place on the list released last night.Bezos is also the first person to rank with a capital of more than $ 100 billion – and his fortune is estimated at $ 160 billion. Bezos also recorded the sharpest increase in capital in the current year: its capital grew by $ 78.5 billion last year thanks to a surge in Amazon stock. Gates, now in second place, is lagging another $ 63 billion on Bezos.This is an official affirmation that Amazon founder is now the world’s richest man after last July’s first net worth of Bezos, according to Bloomberg’s $ 150 billion billion index.In order to join Forbes’ elite club, the minimum net worth required is $ 2.1 billion – $ 100 million more than last year, and the highest amount so far.The total net worth of the entire group will swell to $ 2.9 trillion – a record 7% higher than in 2017.The biggest earner in terms of percentage is Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square Payment Services. His fortune jumped 186% year-over-year to reach $ 6.3 billion, largely thanks to the Square share price hike.The biggest loser compared to last year’s rating is George Soros, whose net worth has shrunk to $ 8.3 billion this year from $ 23 billion following reports of transferring parts of his capital to charities that are not counted.

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