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“There is more uncertainty in management, and more pressure on the market with all these caps,” said Vincent Delaware, director of the macro strategy unit at INTL FCStone. “There is a general pattern of a slowdown in S & P 500 profits, and this will have a significant impact on buybacks and the stock market.”Technology companies actually buy moreAt the beginning of this year, industrial companies at S & P 500 spent $ 19.4 billion on buybacks, down from $ 23 billion in the fourth quarter. Consumer goods companies spent $ 17.7 billion in the first quarter, up from $ 25.7 billion in the last quarter of 2018. Communications, finance, real estate and energy companies also cut back on buying their shares.Technology companies, on the other hand, increased their investment in buybacks, which totaled $ 68 billion in the first quarter of this year. Apple, the largest purchaser of its shares last year, led the S & P 500 companies in this area also in the first quarter this year, with $ 23.8 billion. Oracle was followed by $ 10 billion.All in all, there is going to be less liquidity in the stock market, and any bad news could send shareholders to the exit, with heavy consequences,” said Diane Japa, senior portfolio manager at TCW.

XT Fund: All the global innovation in one basketThe XT fund, launched two and a half years ago, is designed to identify the world’s leading technology, health and industrial companies. Since its launch, it has recorded a 40%The investment year 2017 has undoubtedly excelled as the technology year. The technology sector exhibited the strongest performance from all sectors of the US S & P 500, thanks to the impressive growth in revenues and profitability of the sector’s representatives, against the backdrop of continued technological innovation, accelerated global growth, geopolitical risk mitigation and the weak dollar, The Americans.In recent years we have witnessed progress in the pace of innovation and creativity in many areas, not only in the technology sector, but also in more traditional fields, such as pharma, industry and energy. The innovation can accelerate the development of new products, the development of new life-saving drugs, the use of previously unavailable natural resources such as oil shales or the production of electricity from solar energy, the use of artificial intelligence and robotics to deal with unreasonable quantities of information, many

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