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The economy is big, and it is progressing quite well despite Boeing’s problems,” he said. But economists estimate the damage will worsen if Boeing cuts further output, as some analysts have estimated.Click VendorsBoeing has reduced production to reduce the number of aircraft in its factories, and this has put pressure on thousands of suppliers who have made heavy investments in manufacturing and hiring employees to feed Max production. The uncertainties surrounding the resumption of the use of Max, and Boeing’s production plans, make it difficult for these suppliers to make decisions about hiring and investing.”We probably developed four or five scenarios a week for what they were going to do to resume the use of Max,” said GE Aviation President David Joyce at the Paris Air Show last month.General Electric, the only engine supplier

Max, through a joint venture with French company Safran, estimates that production delays will be $ 300 million in the second quarter. The partnership reduced the production of Max engines by 5%, but they are making sure their suppliers continue to operate faster in the hope that Boeing will increase Max production next year.Last week, Boeing announced that it would pay up to $ 5.6 billion in compensation to affected airlines and that these payments would be spread out over several years. This amount is added to $ 2.7 billion due to the expected increase in aircraft production costs. Boeing will publish its second quarter financial statements on July 24th.No employee was firedBoeing did not fire any employees because of the crisis. Some employees say they fear dismissal. The company recently cut its number of contractors as part of its efforts to save cash. A spokesman for the company said the cutbacks were not related to the maximum. Boeing continues to manufacture 42 737 aircraft per month, and last week said it plans to increase its production to 57 aircraft a month at a certain point next year, and hand over the planes that are accumulating in its plants. Analysts estimate that at the end of the year, the

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