how to avoide bad stocks

From the point of view of the institutional investors, their ultimate goal is to achieve the best possible yield for policyholders and members with regard to long term periods, while taking into account appropriate risk levels (pension savings are not hedge funds or high risk investments). One of the main tools they see in this context is going abroad, and this indicates that they will probably continue to spend more abroad, despite the claims of a quick and large exit abroadYields with a tailwind from the world marketsThe data for the first half of 2019 show that in the last six months provident funds have recorded a gross nominal yield of 6.7% on average, whereas advanced education funds Showed an average yield of 7.1%.These positive yields stemmed from the boom in capital markets in Israel and around the world, and they almost completely obliterated the strong falls in those markets in the last quarter of 2018,

especially in December. However, the weighting of the weak yields in the fourth quarter last year, as well as the results of the third quarter last year, in the last 12 months provident funds for provident funds and advanced study funds showed yields of almost 5% and 5.1%, respectively. These numbers are quite good, certainly in a world of low inflation, and they are very similar to the average annual yields attained by provident funds for provident funds and advanced study funds over the past three years.The average yields are good, but they do not tell the whole story. In the provident and supplementary training markets, there is a wide variance between the various players operating in these markets, which are divided into funds and funds that are open to the entire public and managed by investment houses and insurance groups, Thus, alongside those who see the average yield from the bottom there are those who see it only in the rear view, and achieve higher returns for their peers. An examination of the data of the Gemel Net website, which is run by the Capital Market

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