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Intel CEO launches Start-Up Center in Tel Aviv: “I have no regrets about buying Mobilay”
“We invested $ 40 billion in Israel over the years – in research and development, in the plant, in the field of energy, Mobilay and Intel Capital and will continue to invest in “
We have invested $ 40 billion in Israel over the years – in R & D, at the plant, at Mobilay and in Intel Capital, and we will continue to invest, “said Bob Swan, Intel’s CEO. Has arrived in Israel for the launch of a new start-up center in Israel called Ignite, the program’s director, Tzahi Weisfeld, former director of Microsoft’s global start-up program, who recently left the company, held a meeting with journalists and answered questions about the company’s path, Israel, Mobily, and the Mellanox deal, which Intel was one of the candidates for.

What are the plans for investing in Israel?
“We have been operating in Israel for 45 years and invested $ 40 billion in research and development, manufacturing, Mobilay and its Intel Capital fund, as we know, has a significant investment capability, and it will continue to invest. The company’s growth rate and the opportunities we see – in a potential market of $ 300 billion – were higher than expected, which was good news, the challenge was that we did not have enough production capacity to meet the increasing demand for our products worldwide. We will place our customers who rely on us in a situation where we wipe And we have no production capacity, which is a promise I gave to customers around the world, and what we are going to do is expand our manufacturing facilities in the US, Israel and Ireland. Our big budget is waiting for production plants around the world. This is our plan, we submitted the business plan in December or January this year. Our plan is to expand production capacity in our plants in these three countries over time so we do not have to limit the growth of our customers. “

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